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Volume 6 Number 2 Year 2020

10 articles in this issue 

Pulung Hendro Prastyo,Amin Siddiq Sumi,Ade Widyatama Dian,Adhistya Erna Permanasari

Background: Handling COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease-2019) in Indonesia was once trending on Twitter. The Indonesian government's handling evoked pros and cons in the community. Public opinions on Twitter can be used as a decision support system in ma... see more

Pags. 112 - 122  

Mochammad Agus Afrianto,Meditya Wasesa

Background: Literature in the peer-to-peer accommodation has put a substantial focus on accommodation listings' price determinants. Developing prediction models related to the demand for accommodation listings is vital in revenue management because accura... see more

Pags. 123 - 132  

Tora Fahrudin,Kastaman Kastaman,Sherin Nadya Meideni,Padma Edhitya Chairunnisafa Priyono,Muhammad Galang Fathirkina,Samira Samira

Background: Recently, WhatsApp has become the world's most popular text and voice messaging application with 1.5 billion users. A lot of WhatsApp Application Programming Interface (API) has also been established to be connected to other applications. On t... see more

Pags. 133 - 142  

Maresha Caroline Wijanto,Rachmi Rachmadiany,Oscar Karnalim

Background: In higher education in Indonesia, students are often required to complete a thesis under the supervision of one or more lecturers. Allocating a supervisor is not an easy task as the thesis topic should match a prospective supervisor’s field of... see more

Pags. 143 - 150  

Eko Wahyu Tyas Darmaningrat,Hanim Maria Astuti,Fadhila Alfi

Background: Teenagers in Indonesia have an open nature and satisfy their desire to exist by uploading photos or videos and writing posts on Instagram. The habit of uploading photos, videos, or writings containing their personal information can be dangerou... see more

Pags. 159 - 168  

Khalid Khalid,Indri Sudanawati Rozas,Dwi Rolliawati

Background: The Internet use according to Indonesian Internet Services Provider Association (APJII) can be an indicator for parents and educators to monitor students’ mental development and learning behaviors.Objective: This study aims to analyze trends a... see more

Pags. 89 - 98  

Angona Biswas,Sabrina Abedin,Md. Ahasan Kabir

Background: In its early development, radar (radio detection and ranging) was primarily used by the navy, the military, and the aviation services, as well as space organizations for security and monitoring purposes. Nowadays, the demand of radar is expand... see more

Pags. 99 - 111