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Volume 31 Number 1 Year 2021

10 articles in this issue 

Cao Long Van

In this paper we present the development of a new direction in so-called optofluidics , namely the research of photonic crystal fibers (PCF) infiltrated with liquids. In particular we concentrate on the flagship application of PCF, the process of Supercon... see more

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Xuan Truong Tran,Nhu Xuan Nguyen,The Quang Nguyen,Van Toan Nguyen,Tuan Linh Nguyen

We study the coupling and switching effects of two discrete relativistic quantum Jackiw-Rebbi states in interfaced binary waveguide arrays with cubic-quintic nonlinearity. Like in the case with Kerr nonlinearity, two Jackiw-Rebbi states can couple efficie... see more

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Ngoc Hung Tran,Trung Van Dinh,Dong Bang Pham,Thanh Bao Thi Nguyen

Following our previous work on the hydrodynamic simulations of the structure of circumstellar envelopes in the presence of a binary companion, in this paper we present the results of radiative transfer calculations for molecular emission line HC3N J=5 – 4... see more

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Le Anh Nguyen,Huan Nhut Phan,Hoang Phuc Nguyen

Nuclear reactions of proton by light nuclei at low energies play a key role in the study of nucleosynthesis which is of interest in nuclear astrophysics. The most fundamental process which is very necessary is the elastic scattering. In this work, we cons... see more

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Son Tung Ngo

Alzheimer’s disease is known as one of the most popular forms of dementia affecting numerous people worldwide. The Amyloid beta (Aß) peptides form to oligomeric conformations that cause the intracellular Ca2+ and Zn2+ abnormality leading to the death of n... see more

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Tran Dinh Cuong,Anh D. Phan

Indomethacin is a common nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, but its glass transition behaviors remain ambiguous. Here we present a simple theoretical approach to investigate the molecular mobility of amorphous indomethacin under compression. In our mode... see more

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Huynh Thanh Duc,Cong Ngo

Photocurrent induced by ultrashort laser pulses in [100]-oriented GaAs quantum wires with square cross section is investigated using the multiband semiconductor Bloch equations with the inclusion of electron-hole interaction. Influences of excitonic effec... see more

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Tran Thi Kim Chi,Bui Thi Thu Hien,Hoang Nhu Thanh,Trinh Duc Thien,Pham Nguyen Hai

We report the large-scale synthesis of highly luminescent ZnSe nanocrystals (NCs) by a simple and low-cost hydrothermal method. XRD (X-ray Diffraction) and HR-TEM (High Resolution Transmission Microscopy) characterization studies confirmed the formation o... see more

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Quynh Xuan Thi Le,Hong Quan Tran,Thu Ha Trinh,Thuan Dao Nguyen

Recently, nonthermal atmospheric pressure plasma has been developed as a novel tool in removal of water pollutants. Rhodamine B dye, widely used in textiles and biology, is toxic to both humans and animals, hence removing residual Rhodamine B in solution ... see more

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Long Duy Pham,Chi Ha Le,Oanh Thi Tu Nguyen,Chien Tran Dang,Tai Ngoc Ly,Ngan Thi Thanh Nguyen,Dai Nguyen Van,Lien Thi Dao Thach,Hieu Si Nguyen

This study focuses on the influence of gold nanoparticle sizes on optical and electrical properties of Au@TiO2 nanocomposite films. Here, the gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) of different sizes of 5 nm, 10 nm, 20 nm, 40 nm and 60 nm were dispersed onto nanoporo... see more

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