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Volume 11 Number 1 Year 2024

10 articles in this issue 

Zohair Al-Ameen,Ahmed A. Ahmed

Humanity currently lives in a technological era that witnesses rapid progress in multiple fields. Digital image processing is one of the modern technologies that has provided practical answers to many challenges including image enhancement, analysis, reco... see more

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Budi Cahyo Wibowo,Imam Abdul Rozaq,Andre Maulana Yusva

Throughout his life, humans have the ability to recognize tens to hundreds of faces. One of the biometric techniques that relate body measurements and calculations that are directly related to human characteristics is a system that can detect and identify... see more

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Ahmad Ridwan Syarief,Liliana Liliana

Electrical energy has become a basic need that cannot be eliminated in everyday life for Indonesian people, where the source of electrical energy is currently still fossil fuels. One way to overcome excessive exploitation of fossil fuels is to utilize ren... see more

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Irfan Delafena,Liliana Liliana

The potential of renewable energy in Indonesia is very large with a total of 3,643.0 GW. One of them is wind energy, the huge potential of wind energy which is 154.9 GW is very wasted if it is not optimized as well as possible. The biggest obstacle to uti... see more

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Riska Triyanti,Marhama Jelita

PLTMG Balai Pungut-Duri is one of the largest gas engine type power plants in Riau with a capacity of 7x16 MW. The efficiency produced by the Balai Pungut-Duri PLTMG is 38% with the standards set by PT. PLN Efficiency in this type of generator is 45-47.5%... see more

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Muhammad Dzikrillah,Ade Silvia Handayani,Abdul Rakhman

Television is one of the most widely used media for receiving sound and image transmissions worldwide, particularly in Indonesia. Government regulations require all television broadcasters in Indonesia to cease analog broadcasts and transition to digital ... see more

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Aditya Ramadhan,Ali Nurdin,Suroso Suroso

The prevalence of fried snack consumption in our surroundings has become a widespread phenomenon. These fried snacks, commonly relished by many, are frequently served as side dishes with our main meals and are also a popular choice for satisfying quick hu... see more

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Dio Wahyu Pratama,Muhamad Ariandi

PC200-7 Excavator is a type of excavator that still does not have an effective and efficient safety system monitoring in knowing the oil level and overheating that occurs. Given this, researchers designed and made a prototype of a tool that could later be... see more

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Nur Aminudin,Dwi Feriyanto,Salman Alfarisi Salimu,Garda Arif Wicaksono,Septian Cahyadi,Anton Sukamto,Taufik Rahman

The objective of this paper are 1) to tell how to design logical security tools by using microcontroller 2) to describe the sequence of designing logical using microcontroller toward security controller. To explain the sequence step by step the researcher... see more

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Riyan Wahyudi,Muhamad Ariandi

The use of hand tractors for agricultural land processing still causes several problems such as work fatigue and ergonomic problems for the operator. From these problems the author has the idea to build a tool that can be attached to a hand tractor so tha... see more

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