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Number 2 Year 2019

8 articles in this issue 

K. G. Garkava,A. O. Ukrainska,D. A. Chaika

The review of various aloe species as potent source of biologically active compounds is presented. The general description of aloe species their morphology and characteristic features is presented. Various biologically active compounds that may be derived... see more


A. M. Redka,M. M. Baranovsky

Purpose of the work was to describe antitumor activity of biologically active substances of bitter wormwood, the possibility of drug creating on its basis and bitter wormwood application in the complex treatment of oncological diseases. The influence of e... see more


O. O. Kuznietsova

In this research experimental data on drying kinetics for nettle and mint leaves were obtained. In order to predict the drying process, Henderson and Pabis thin layer drying model was correlated with experimental data. The nonlinear regression analysis wa... see more


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In the paper there is considered the question of the influence of temperature on the course of the early stages of degradation D-glucose in aqueous solutions in pH range 1,0–7,0. By Raman spectroscopy there is demonstrated that within the temperature limi... see more


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The regularities of the distribution of migration and accumulation of heavy metals in the samples of bottom sediments biotransformed by vermiculture of the genus Eisenia are studied. The changes in the mobility coefficient of heavy metals: Mg, Ni, Zn, Cu,... see more


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The parameters of extraction of extractives from carrot extracts are investigated in the article. The optimal ratio of the components of the enzymatic beverage was selected, namely (60:40) water extract of carrot buds and concentrate of kvass wort. The op... see more


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The yeast-free sourdough, intended for the production of baked goods, has been studied. According to the results of microbiological studies, the pathogens of bread diseases in such types of flour were identified: wheat, polb (spelt), oatmeal and rye. Expe... see more


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Male infertility is a pathological state that develops as a result of a number of diseases or set of negative effects on the male reproductive system. Its pathogenesis, structure, diagnosis are still the subject of many discussions. The article is devoted... see more