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Volume 14 Number Vol 14 (2019) Year 2019

38 articles in this issue 

Whatmore Chikwature, Oyedele V

The purpose of this study was to investigate and identify the problems faced by female head teachers in the management of primary schools in Marange area in Mutare district in Manicaland province. The mixed method research design was used which incorporat... see more

Pags. 2946 - 2963  

Whatmore Chikwature, Chikwature E

This research study sought to identify the health service delivery challenges in urban areas using Mutare as a point of reference. Interviews, focus group discussions and observations were used to collect data from selected residents of Mutare city. Mutar... see more

Pags. 2964 - 2978  

Muhammad Ahmed Faraz

This paper is a multi–county, multi-dimensional  rigorous  analysis of immensely   critical and continuously expanding socio-economic crisis that has engulfed many developing countries which calls for immediate action to preserve our p... see more

Pags. 2979 - 2996  

Asma Ibrahim Magaireh, Hidayah Sulaiman, Nor’ashikin Ali

The BI is a new trend in public sector organizations that requires investigating the critical success factors (CSFs) which would provide a sound guidelines for determining the criteria to be considered during BI implementation. However, there is no suffic... see more

Pags. 2997 - 3016  

Jeffrey Shears, Rufus Lynch, Joshua Kirven

This project explored the integration of Responsible Fatherhood within Foster Care Service within Philadelphia Pennsylvania. It was hypothesized that the key to reducing the number of children who are at risk of entering, re-entering and remaining in vari... see more

Pags. 3017 - 3028  

Nia Plamenova Djourova, Isabel Rodríguez, Laura Lorente-Prieto

Psychological Capital (PsyCap) consists of hope, self-efficacy, resilience and optimism. It is usually assumed that individuals score similarly across these four components, however, there have been suggestions in the literature that in some cases, people... see more

Pags. 3029 - 3047  

Whatmore Chikwature, Chikwature E

This research study sought to determine the role of women in the sustainable management of indigenous woodlands in Manicaland province using Marange communal lands as a point of reference. In this study three traditional leaders, three women’s groups and ... see more

Pags. 3048 - 3056  

Maral Yessekeshova, Isakova Gulnur, Seilkhan Gulzhakhar, Kaltayeva Gulnar, Bermukhambetova Botagoz

This study addresses the issue of implementing a system approach during the  higher school specialists preparation, which effectively leads to their professional competence formation. The study results   of higher education teachers profess... see more

Pags. 3057 - 3064  

Dr. Rajkumar Singh, Hemlata Kumari

India, after its first nuclear explosion in 1974 moved to modernize and moderate nuclear policy as security environment in the region deteriorated further due to China, pursuing a strategy of containing India by using Pakistan as a surrogate, had sup... see more

Pags. 3065 - 3072  

Elena Sergeevna Kulikova, Maya Ivanovna Lvova, Olga Anatolyevna Rykalina

This article focuses on the problem of identification, determination and management the results of the activities of self-employed citizens. People become self-employed either intentionally because they leave work and improve the welfare on their own or b... see more

Pags. 3073 - 3080  

efrat shoham, Eitan Nictora

Despite growing media and public interest in recent years in the issue of fatal work accidents in the construction industry, there in fact has been an upswing in the number of fatalities. The construction industry is a dangerous industry for workers, and ... see more

Pags. 3081 - 3097  

Rinat Tavzikhovich Latypov, Dmitry Nikolaevich Yadransky, Elena Vasilievna Chumak

Article deals with the modern management problem associated with improving the accuracy of the ration of managerial work. Emphasis is on the need to move from the rationing of the working day to the rationing of individual labor functions (operations). Th... see more

Pags. 3098 - 3103  

Whatmore Chikwature, Emilia Chikwature

The research was carried out to investigate the causes of low sanitation and hygiene coverage in Mutare rural ward 15 in Manicaland province, Zimbabwe. The study aimed at establishing factors contributing to low sanitation and hygiene coverage as well as ... see more

Pags. 3104 - 3113  

Paul Muller

This study is based on secondary analysis from a sample of individuals attending colleges in the United States.  It is an examination of links between childhood victimization and subsequent depression.  An assessment of the effect on depression ... see more

Pags. 3114 - 3122  

Caren jerop, Kibiwott Kurgat, George Mose

Managing a serious diagnosis is a complex and challenging process thus effective communication is a critical aspect of cancer management. However, this has not been given the much needed emphasis. This study therefore sought to examine the influence of co... see more

Pags. 3114 - 3121  

VALMIKI RAMA KRISHNA, Dr. Uddagatti Venkatesha

Soon after independence, the main thrust of Indian Government centered on meeting the basic needs of India’s population which include food, clothing and shelter.    With this perspective, the national policy makers looked at various measure... see more

Pags. 3122 - 3135  

Zulkarnain Ibrahim

Work in Islamic law based on the Qur'an and Hadith, is an obligation and has the right to get a job. The Qur'an is very opposed to acts of lazy, wasting time, and not doing things that are not productive. Someone must work to work as well as possible to g... see more

Pags. 3123 - 3133  

Kam-Fong Lee, Chin-Siang Ang, Genevieve Dipolog-Ubanan

This study aimed to explore students’ first year experience to provide insights that may prove to be useful for institutional policy and practice. A semi-structured interview was conducted on 30 undergraduates from a private university to examine their pe... see more

Pags. 3134 - 3145  

Taofik Olatunji Bankole, Daniel Denny Gray, Abiodun Oluwaseun Oyebode, Gbelimu Elizabeth Lawal

Every country institutes policy to take a course of action in favour of its citizens’ welfare. The view of indigenization policy in alignment with employment and workers treatment in Liberia takes different dimension. Liberia problem of unemployment canno... see more

Pags. 3146 - 3160  

Solomon Oluyinka, Anatalia Endozo

The Physical activities are indispensable to be healthy and away from illness, yet, students ignoring it. The factors affecting physical activity participation among university students in the Philippines examined in this study. Modified International Phy... see more

Pags. 3161 - 3170  

Maria Wramsten Wilmar, Christian Jacobsson, Jeremy Ray, Lotta Dellve, lena Låstad

Swedish Human Service Organisations (HSOs) operate under high demands of transparency. In this study, executive municipal healthcare managers’ dealings with the Media were mapped. 81% had experiences of dealing with the Media under critical scrutiny. 20% ... see more

Pags. 3171 - 3179  

Eatessam Al-Shakrchyai, Walaa Ismael Alnassar

This paper explores why high-tech firms with high credit quality are more likely to have external finance, and if the securing funding is related to financial flexibility.  Many earlier studies have shown that it is valuable for firms to choose finan... see more

Pags. 3180 - 3191  

Roziana Febrianita, Susi Hardjati

One of interpersonal soft skill is a skill of interpersonal communication; that is the focus of this research. The purpose of this paper are defined in two parts. First, to explore the interpersonal communication skills of the educational staff. Second, t... see more

Pags. 3192 - 3199  

Laura Bokenchina, Nurgaliyeva Almagul, Ismailova Diana

The development of the socio-economic territories’ level is gradually decreasing. The young people flow from rural areas to large cities is increasing, social and household infrastructure is destroyed, ecological and demographic situations get worse. Rura... see more

Pags. 3200 - 3206  

Chandu Lal Chandrakar

The India Study Centre Questionnaire (ISCQ) has been developed to measure the level of internationalisation of higher education (IHE) with reference to India at the India Study centres in China. The concept of IHE has been constructed on the basis of the ... see more

Pags. 3207 - 3233  

Ramesh Sathappan, Premaraj Gurusamy

This study is set to assess the practice and challenges faced by TESL students at a local teacher training institute during their first practicum practices at selected Malaysian primary schools. This research is of significant value, as the 17 student- te... see more

Pags. 3234 - 3243  

Noraini Zulkafli, Mohd Ezrisyah Md Shah

The strategic value of Indian Ocean has invited lots of attention from a major power.  For India, the Indian Ocean shows its domain and obvious superiority that it has held for some centuries. However, there seem to be an arise from China presence in... see more

Pags. 3244 - 3251  

Uno Jim Agbor

Religion and politics are two very important aspects of human society anywhere in the world. While religion addresses and conditions man’s spiritual balance, politics shapes the practice of religion and determine who gets what, when and how (Lasswell, 195... see more

Pags. 3252 - 3267  

Luke Ayers, Vasilios C Ikonomou

Unhealthy eating habits involving the consumption of highly-palatable energy-dense foods are a major contributor to weight gain its associated health conditions. Consumption of these “unhealthy” items continues to be common despite ongoing efforts for pro... see more

Pags. 3268 - 3281  

Khiem Dieu Truong

The study location only resides in Vietnam with a focused group of all 28 commercial banks in Vietnam. The main source of statistics for this testing will come and be collected directly from the financial statement of all financial institutions for 2010 a... see more

Pags. 3282 - 3303  

Jonai Wabwire

New media technologies have had a tremendous impact on Nambale folk media (folklore) productions. By utilizing the technologies, folklorists have the ability to reach out directly to their fans, which creates a closer community between the two sides. With... see more

Pags. 3304 - 3312  

Md. Tareq Mahmud

‘Rohingya’- world’s most persecuted minority group came to the attention of the international media again in the mid of 2017 due to the brutality they were experiencing in their homeland by the state authority of Myanmar. Now they are being labeled as the... see more

Pags. 3313 - 3324  

Georgia Eleni Lempesi

Social work is an applied science that finds application in a multitude of fields, health, education, social protection, protection of the elderly, addiction, human rights, etc. Specifically, in the field of education both in America and in European count... see more

Pags. 3325 - 3330  

Sisay Ayalew

This critique examines three studies about the impact of blended learning on students’ vocabulary enhancement. The name of the author of the first article is Sezen Tosun. The article is entitled as “The effects of blended learning on EFL students’ vocabul... see more

Pags. 3331 - 3336  

Aida Mehrad

The purpose of the current literature review is to clarify the important role of community psychology regarding ecological issues and illustrated its critical function based on psychological intervention. The results of this investigation explained that c... see more

Pags. 3331 - 3335  

Devaraj Asir Ramesh, M.V. Bindu, Nagarathinam Karthi

Fisherwomen constitute 47% of the total adult coastal and marine fishing populations in India.  They share major contributions in the fishing of their families either directly or indirectly, especially in post-harvest and land based activities. ... see more

Pags. 3337 - 3355  

Negesse Gessese

This research examines the agenda and frames used by the Reporter newspaper editorial coverage of issues and actors before and after the reform in Ethiopia. The study applies a quantitative content analysis method and examined 99 (Period 1 = 57 and Period... see more

Pags. 3356 - 3371