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Volume 14 Number 1 Year 2023

10 articles in this issue 

Ferry Koster

Design. A vignette study was conducted to investigate hypotheses. In total 914 workers from the Netherlands responded to 4 different vignettes (n = 3656 vignettes).Purpose. Based on compensation hypothesis, this study formulates several hypotheses about t... see more


Kerstin Wüstner

In the attempt to mitigate the crises, the German government struggled with the question what to do. Since vaccines had become available for all, the focus turned on the group that had not decided for vaccination. This paper investigates communication abo... see more


Rogneda Vasilyeva,Valentin Voytenkov,Alina Urazbaeva

We explore the impact of institutional factors on bilateral migration among the EU, CIS, and the US by applying the gravity model of migration. We employ instrumental variables methodology (IV-PPML, IV-GMM) and a non-linear estimation approach (NLS) to te... see more


Israth Sultana

Birth control, often known as contraception, is the deliberate reduction of the number of live births by the use of techniques that temporarily or permanently prevent conception by disrupting the ovulatory, fertilization, and implantation phases of a woma... see more


Imre Dobos

In this paper we apply cooperative game theory concepts to analyze vertical supply chains. The bullwhip effect in a two-stage supply chain (supplier-manufacturer) in the framework of the Arrow-Karlin model with linear-convex cost functions is considered. ... see more


Melek Aylin Özoflu,Bora Besgul

Despite the long years of political, economic, and military presence of the international community with its remarkable amount of aid, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) still suffers from political instabilities, lack of economic growth, and high rates of unem... see more


Joy Ato Nyarko,Joana Kwabena-Adade,Frederick Kofi Amey

Cyberbullying as deviant behavior is a growing public health concern and affects cyber victims in many ways. This study sought to examine cyberbullying victimization, perpetration, and psychosomatic health symptoms (PHS) among students in a Ghanaian unive... see more


Cibele Silva e Souza

Considering that the media influence the construction and deconstruction of reality to operate in social narratives. This article analyzes the representation of corruption in the Brazilian media, especially in news portals and on Twitter. The main aim of ... see more


Ábel Csathó,Ágnes Kozma,Gábor Petri

Our study explores the housing situation of people with disabilities based on life course interviews. Although the focus is mainly on present housing issues and challenges, this is set in a longitudinal perspective highlighting the legacies from the socia... see more


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