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Argo Utomo Soenarto,Atik Suprapti,Titien Woro Murtini    

AbstrakKawasan pinggiran Selatan Kota Surakarta menjadi favorit bermukim didasari kedekatannya dengan pusat Kota Surakarta. Dengan semakin padatnya kawasan pinggiran Selatan Kota Surakarta, pengembang mulai melirik daerah tetangganya, Kabupaten Sukoharjo... see more

Mette Tapdrup Mortensen    

Når en husejer i begyndelsen af 1960’erne skulle indkøbe materialer og redskaber til vedligehold af hus og have, foregik det i mange forskellige typer af forretninger; hos isenkræmmeren og i værktøjsmagasinet, hos VVS’ere, elektrikeren eller farvehandlen... see more

Linda Egyed, Zoltán Szakály, Viktória Szente, Orsolya Szigeti, Zsolt Polereczki    

The Fino-food Ltd. in Kaposvár cooperated with the Marketing and Trade Department of the Kaposvár University, Faculty of Economics to develop two dairy products in the course of a Baross Gábor project. It aimed to define the optimal weight of packaging, ... see more

Zoltán Szakály    

Hungary – due to its comparative agricultural and food industrial benefits – could play an effective role in the development of such new functional foods which would ensure Hungary – instead of a following – a market forming position. But the acquisition... see more

Anita Major, Istvánné Hajdu    

The effects, which exert(ed) the industries and product markets of Hungary because of the European Union have been analyzed at innumer-able forums with different approaches and goals by the Hungarian experts. Apart from this it is necessary to put the qu... see more