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Volumen 38 Número Vol 38, No 1: May 2019 Año 2019

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Fernando Gómez Zaldívar,Edmundo Molina,Miguel Flores,Manuel de Jesús Gómez Zaldívar

This paper evaluates the potential for diversification and production sophistication of the states where the first three Special Economic Zones (EEZs) will be installed in Mexico. Using the methodology of economic complexity proposed by Hausmann, Hidalgo... ver más

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Marlen Rocío Reyes Hernández,Pablo Mejía Reyes,Manuel Mancilla Bárcenas

The aim of this paper is to analyze the effects of presidential elections on the government’s social expenditure in Mexico over the 1995-2016 period. To do so, extended autoregressive models are estimated for the total social expenditures and two of its ... ver más

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Alan Martín Hernández-Solano,Véronique Sophie Avila-Foucat

This article analyzes the possible impacts of the climate change (CC) and its adaptation measures on the maize trade surplus/deficit, on the production, and on the real income of households established in rural Mexico. The analysis is based on an Applied... ver más

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Lillian Marlen Centeno Cruz,Pilar Campoy Muñoz,Gerardo Ángeles Castro

Nowadays, the pension system in Mexico, based on the Mexican Social Security Institute Law of 1997, does not comply with the expected coverage rate, which causes the impoverishment of the retired population. This situation is expected to worsen because w... ver más

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