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Kristina Kovalcikiene, Giedre Geneviciute-Janone

Background: Nowadays, as a means of supplying the market with a highly qualified workforce, vocational teachers play a significant role in Lithuania’s educational system. It is assumed that the most important factor determining the quality of education i... ver más


Lina Cirtautiene, Aukse Endriulaitiene

Changing business environments requires a different leadership. Global information technology (IT) leaders must demonstrate in-depth competencies in technology and business as well as softer interpersonal skills. Studies provide disputed evidence regardi... ver más

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Virginija Klimukiene, Alfredas Laurinavicius, Ilona Laurinaityte, Laura Ustinaviciute, Mykolas Baltrunas

The Short-Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability: Adolescent Version (START:AV, Viljoen, Nicholls, Cruise, Desmarais, & Webster, 2014) provides a structural professional judgement on the risk of adverse outcomes related to harm to others and rule viola... ver más

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Laura Šeibokaite, Karina Kravcenko

Background. Adult egocentrism is described as a tendency to assess the situation or object on the basis of personal experience, opinion or attitude, regardless of a different another person's perspective. Scientists argue that this phenomenon is one of t... ver más

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Aukse Endriulaitiene

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Ala Petrulyte, Virginija Guogiene

Background. Non-decreasing extent of bullying, increasing rates of various dependencies and suicides, high level of adolescents’ behavioural and emotional problems are observed in Lithuanian schools at present. Academic literature sources have revealed t... ver más

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Viktorija Cepukiene, Rytis Pakrosnis

Background. Growing number of students with mental health problems and relatively high number of students in need not receiving help prompt university counseling centers to look for alternative means to be used alongside with the traditional counseling. ... ver más

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Kristina Ražauskaite-Pilipaviciene, Kristina Žardeckaite-Matulaitiene

Background. Dominance can be found in every dyadic relationship including romantic couples, friendships or business partnership. Even though research confirms that men tend to have more power than woman not only in romantic relationships, but also in fri... ver más

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