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Volumen 5 Número 1 Año 2017

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Michael F. Lohle, Steven Terrell

This case study examines longitudinal data stored in the learning management system (LMS) of an online MBA program’s project management course to understand and describe the lived experience of a virtual student team that exhibited difficulty delivering ... ver más

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Nitza Geri, Amir Winer, Beni Zaks

Keeping learners engaged in viewing online video lectures is a challenge, which is considered harder as the length of the video is longer. Although it is a known obstacle, in practice, many videos are lengthy and do not contain interactive elements. This... ver más

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Helena Dudycz

Modern information technology (IT) managerial support systems often utilize visualization as a fundamental form of presenting information. In this context, however, users require easy access and rapid retrieval of not only information, but also knowledge... ver más

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Alex Koohang

This study attempts to empirically validate a social media sites privacy concerns instrument with six constructs (collection, secondary usage, errors, improper access, control, & awareness). Each construct includes three designated items/variables. Data... ver más

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Ruti Gafni, Tal Pavel, Raz Margolin, Ben Weiss

Passwords are the standard means of registration and access to Websites, information systems, online services and various social networks. Databases are increasingly breached and social engineering is employed to obtain usernames and passwords for online... ver más

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Nuno Pena, Carla Curado

This paper reports a qualitative study on the effectiveness of an e-learning framework (IPTEACES) for Insurance Broker Training Program Certifications, using a sample of 3,726 trainees from 16 different corporations from insurance and banking industries ... ver más

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Jedrzej Wieczorkowski, Przemyslaw Polak

The phenomenon of big data includes technological (new opportunities), business (application), and social aspect. The social aspect applies to the social consequences of the use of big data methods, in particular, those related to the processing of perso... ver más

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Ewa Ziemba, Monika Eisenbardt, Roisin Mullins, Dariusz Grabara

Prosumers’ knowledge is increasingly becoming an integral and important element in business strategy regardless of the country. A major challenge for enterprises involves motivating prosumers to share their knowledge. This problem is addressed by incenti... ver más

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