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J Thomson,A Hofmann,C A Barrett,A Beeton,G R M Bellairs,L Boretti,M J Coetzee,S Farmer,M W Gibbs,H H Gombotz,C Hilton,C Kassianides,V J Louw,C Lundgren,J N Mahlangu,C B Noel,V Rambiritch,F Schneider,E Verburgh,P-L Wessels,P Wessels,R Wise,A Shander; on behalf of the South African Patient Blood Management Group

For more than 70 years the default therapy for anaemia and blood loss was mostly transfusion. Accumulating evidence demonstrates a significant dose-dependent relationship between transfusion and adverse outcomes. This and other transfusion-related challe... ver más


34th National Congress of the South African Society of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists

National Congress of the South African Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists


Salomé Gagiano,Frenette Southwood

There is a great need for an instrument that can accurately identify children with language problems early, regardless of the language(s) they speak. Certain tasks have been identified as potential markers of language impairment, including sentence repet... ver más


Ondene van Dulm,Frenette Southwood

Research world-wide suggests that service delivery by speech-language therapists (SLTs) to bilingual children is problematic and largely unsatisfactory. In multicultural South Africa, the majority of SLTs speak either only English or only Afrikaans and E... ver más


Cornelius Chris Reynders,Harmony Musiyarira,Prvoslav Marjanovic

In a semi-arid water scarce country like South Africa, the efficient use of limited water resources and measures to extend the service value of these resources is a prerequisite for achieving sustainable development. The conventional supply-sided managem... ver más


Oyewo Adetola Elizabeth,Samuel Umoh Uwem

Public university libraries and ICTs are crucial in teaching, learning and research activities of both Universities and PhD students. PhD student’s research matters for academic growth and university ranking. Unfortunately, PhD student’s access to ICTs a... ver más


Kara Grace Mackay

Quem se senta à mesa? A experiência de uma ativista agrícola feminina durante a greve de trabalhadores rurais De Doorns, na África do SulEste artigo conta a história de uma ativista agrícola e uma líder da greve dos fazendeiros De Doorns no período de 20... ver más


Farieda Khan

Recreational interaction with the Table Mountain Chain at the Cape in South Africa probably dates back to the early days of European exploration from the 15th century onwards, when sailors and traders would often take the opportunity for a mountain walk ... ver más


Wilhelm Peekhaus

This paper examines the difficulties encountered by Biowatch, a South African civil society environmental organisation, in its attempts to obtain access to government information in respect of genetically engineered plants. The elaboration of the case is... ver más

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