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Madli Pesti, Kristiina Reidolv

The article gives an insight into the theatre system of Estonia, the development of the system in the turmoil of history and the current situation in the 21st century.The first part of the article looks back at the period of 30 years: what happened with ... ver más


Ott Karulin

The core question of this article is to what extent has the state set securing cultural democracy (vs. the democratisation of culture as defined by François Matarasso and Charles Landry1[1]) in the performing arts in Estonia as its policy goal. In Estoni... ver más


Hélène Bernier,Mathieu Viau-Courville

Dance involves a set of movements that embody social memory. Such forms of intangible heritage have presented emerging challenges for curatorship. This paper draws from the experience of the Musées de la civilisation (Quebec City, Canada) to address idea... ver más


Isinsu ERSAN (Author)

Puppet theater is a kind of presentation in which conventionally puppets represent fictional characters therefore they replace actors on stage. Even though a conventional staging incapsulates puppets standing for a specific character is continuing; 20th ... ver más


Anthony G. Shannona, Michael Galeazzi, Zofia Krawczyk-Bernotas

This paper considers the issues in advising, supervising and presenting graduate level work in the creative and performing arts in general, and music performance in particular. It outlines the qualities needed in the mentoring team in the monitoring of f... ver más


I Wayan Gede Lamopia, Riza Wulandari

Mepantigan performing arts is a representation of cultural elements that lead to art by displaying wrestling performances. The purpose of this research is to know the tradition of mepantigan represented by Roland Barthes's wrestling culture. The research... ver más


Tiago Porteiro

O presente artigo alicerça-se numa experiência de formação em que o autor (ele próprio pedagogo e artista há mais de 20 anos) esteve envolvido de outubro de 2016 a maio de 2017. SITI-Conservatory (NY-EUA) é um programa de formação e intercâmbio artístico... ver más


Smiljka Isakovic

?he value of cultural and artistic events is not yet fully understood in Serbia, so important in achieving an improvement of the society. According to Plato, "the state is as good as the music in it." Music and performing arts are not sufficiently commer... ver más


Triyono Bramantyo,Susan Hung

This paper studies descriptively several versions of Javanese Panji Story with its transformation and dissemination into the performing arts found in Southeast Asia. Accordingly, there are versions varied not only regarding its stories, locations, events... ver más


Firmansah Firmansah

This study aims to identify and understand the creative process of artists in the performing arts market. The concept of creativity is often the response of the high degree of creativity. Basically an assumption appears if the artist is able to survive i... ver más

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