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Rita Maria Siahaan,Setiawati Darmojuwono,Muhammad Arie Andiko Ajie

Indonesian society is multicultural and multilingual. Dialects in Indonesia have a lot of indigenous concepts, which are important for the nation building. In a multilingual society, language contact means that languages with small repertoire can be domi... ver más


Tomson Sibarani| View(s): 16x

Toba Batak language is one of the local languages in North Sumatra that is used and maintained by a community of native speakers ie Batak Toba or so-called ethnic Batak Toba. Batak Toba. Giles and Ryan (1920) suggests the existence of sociocultural facto... ver más


Tomson Sibarani| View(s): 17x

Cultural studies and languages is Antropolinguistics study. Toba Batak language will change if the ecological support having changed anyway. Language Batak Toba area of research is in three sub-districts, Samosir, Laguboti, Porsea in Toba Samosir. The pr... ver más


Stevanie Lumbangaol,Uus Karwati,Diah Latifah

In the current era of globalization, learning is often associated with local wisdom. The local cultural base is indeed very important, because national character is formed from cultural roots. Therefore many have raised local culture and wisdom as a basi... ver más


Lopiana Margaretha Panjaitan,Dadang Sundawa

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk memahami pelestarian nilai-nilai civic culture dalam memperkuat identitas budaya masyarakat Batak Toba melalui makna simbolik ulos dalam pelaksanaan upacara perkawinan. Fokus penelitian ini adalah upaya yang dilakukan oleh ... ver más

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