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Tommaso Gravante,Francisco Sierra Caballero

Resumen: Teniendo como punto de partida el análisis de las experiencias latinoamericanas, con el presente artículo se pretende contribuir a la discusión que se está dando tanto en la academia como en los movimientos sociales sobre el mediactivismo, la ac... ver más


Katalin Kroó

The paper raises the theoretical question of the cultural mediational nature of literary intertexts from the point of view of generic and transformational dynamics. The intertextual complex as mediational operator is examined at two levels – (1) in the c... ver más


Alice Manuela Martins Guimaraes

Abstract -   We pretend to revisit and reexamine some of the intercultural encounters between Protestant missionaries and Native peoples in New England in the seventeenth century. We intend to redeem the role that missionaries, particularly, John E... ver más


Vitus Nanbigne

This paper examines the texts and contexts that inform the mediatory processes that Ghanaian video-films have engaged in towards the creation of new cultural identities, often ambivalent, but sometimes extreme and contestable. The narratives and subtexts... ver más


Glauber Heitor Heitor Sampaio,Luana Rodrigues

This article presents the results of a research that sought to investigate and discuss the experience of a group of PLA (Portuguese as an Additional Language) student-teachers while working at an extension course and their training to approach cultural t... ver más


Juan Manuel Aguado

In the text by Juan Manuel Aguado: The technological mediation of experience, he talks about social globalization; which is given on the basis of mediated experience. The new media are devices for configuring the experience. It inquiries about the modifi... ver más


Felix Banda

The article explores some aspects of a study which investigates translation as academic literacy mediation in South Africa’s multilingual/multicultural contexts. The focus is on learners’ translations of academic texts between the L2 and L1, and vice-ver... ver más


Setya Wahyudi,A Angkasa 10.20884/1.jdh.2018.18.3.1704

Diversion is the granting of the authority of law enforcers to transfer the settlement of Child cases from the criminal justice process to the criminal justice process, with the aim of achieving peace between the victim and the child who commits a crime.... ver más


Jillian Walliss

Separated from the surrounding landscape by walls, wiltjas and fences, with strategically framed views back to the rock, the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre offers opportunities for tourists to learn about Anangu understandings of place. Historically, t... ver más

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