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ES Nwauche

This article examines the possibility that in the post-apartheid South African legal system South African citizens can voluntarily change their customary law and affiliate to a new one in the true spirit of citizenship. The article argues that such a cha... ver más


Nelda Mouton, G. P. Louw, G. L. Strydom

Socio-economic and vocational needs of communities, governments and individuals change over the years and these discourses served as a compass for restructuring of higher institutions in South Africa from 1994. Before 1994, the claim to legitimacy for go... ver más


Genius Murwirapachena, Kin Sibanda

Since the right to strike was recognised in the South African Constitution, strike actions have been a common phenomenon in the country. Causes of strikes in South Africa are multifaceted and their effects detrimentally catastrophic. This paper explored ... ver más


Astrid Treffry-Goatley

 Patterns of cinematic production and consumption are often symptomatic of wider politico-economic and socio-cultural forces. This is the case in South Africa, where this site of cultural production, like the society as a whole, is marked by severe ... ver más


Martin P. Botha

 The revival in short filmmaking in post-apartheid cinema has thus far received little attention by academic scholars. The article is an attempt to describe, contextualise and analyse the highlights of South African short filmmaking by focusing on t... ver más


Nomalanga P Grootboom

This study explored the inclusion of Ubuntu in post-apartheid South African schooling – with a specific focus on Mandela’s take. The objective was to study possible benefits for the learners and the extent to which Ubuntu could affect desegregated sc... ver más


Lyn Snodgrass

This article explores the complexities of gender-based violence in post-apartheid South Africa and interrogates the socio-political issues at the intersection of class, ‘race’ and gender, which impact South African women. Gender equality is up agains... ver más


Margaret J. Kartomi

In this paper I want initially to discuss some ethical problems which we educators have on the whole somewhat neglected: firstly, ethical issues that need to be incorporated into the education of students of the traditional and popular musics of the worl... ver más


Jeremy Punt

AbstractThe Bible has generated a significant reception history in the first decade of democratic, post-apartheid South Africa. Its reception history testifies to how the Bible was considered to be important across a broad spectrum of society, also contr... ver más


Khamadi J. Pali

AbstractThe Dutch Reformed Church in Africa (DRCA) is one of the Dutch Reformed family churches. It was established for the black Africans by the Dutch Reformed Church in the early 20th century. The contemporary situation in the DRCA is such that it is s... ver más

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