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Ady Muzwardi,Z Zulhilmi

Aceh peace is a new dynamic on the resolution of conflicts in the region. Eight years have passed and the agreement was signed by the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and the Indonesian Government, while the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) agreed in 2005. The ... ver más


Ntsikelelo B. Breakfast,Gavin Bradshaw,Richard Haines

AbstractThe controversy surrounding the notion of national heritage and what constitutes a proper heritage in post-apartheid South Africa intersects with issues of identity and identity formation in a post-conflict society. That it impinges powerfully on... ver más


Derek L. Oppenshaw,Malan Nel,Liebie Louw

Abstract‘Being church’ in today’s world is frought with challenges to traditional practice and contemporaneous opportunities. These challenges, differences, dilemmas and paradoxes, when not handled effectively, have the propensity to escalate into and al... ver más


Pavlo Muzyka,Maksym Filiak

The purpose of the paper is to advise to optimization improvement pathways in territorial development and post-conflict stabilization in Ukraine that currently undergoes change from the «firefighting» real-time operational mode to the routine bureaucrati... ver más


Eva Mª Torrecilla Sánchez,Fernando Martínez Abad,Susana Olmos Migueláñez,Mª José Rodríguez Conde

It shows two online programs for initial teachers’ training. Future secondary school teachers are formed on two transversal core competencies: Informational competences and conflict resolution skills. The aim is to check the effectiveness of such program... ver más


Brittany Wild Post

People must protect themselves and their communities from structural violence by learning to address and resolve violent conflicts through nonviolent means. Peace programs in practice today do not equip communities to resolve ongoing conflicts of structu... ver más


Avitus A Agbor, Esther E Njieassam

Legal scholars and other social scientists agree that political violence comprising assaults on civil and political liberties may occur in the context of contentious politics. Unfortunately, there have been instances in history where such politics is mar... ver más


Saifuddin Dhuhri

This article begins with explaining the present problems of Acehnese cultural identity, then articulating how the art is usefully employed to solve those difficulties. Relying on post-colonial theories, I formulate the framework that Acehnese art has sig... ver más


Sashi B Asthana

(Views of Major General S B Asthana,SM,VSM, (Veteran), Questioned by Jiangtao Shi of South China Morning Post on 29 August 2017.Question 1 (SCMP)Are you surprised that the over 70-day military standoff ended all of a sudden just days ahead of PM Nar... ver más


Matthew Nyaanga, Zwelibanzi Mpehle

The growing number of armed conflicts in Africa has impacted adversely on women who fall victims to violence, sexual abuse and harassment. Women play a minimal role as combatants during the armed conflicts and as peace negotiators after the armed conflic... ver más

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