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Anita Dhewy,Bella Sandiata

This article discusses the novelty of the women’s movement in encouraging women’s political representation and advocating for the elimination of domestic violence. Data is obtained through interviews with actors involved in the women’s movement, especial... ver más


Daniel Jofré

The purpose of this article is to examine the murder of a young homosexual committed in Chile in 2012 and analyze this event of violence in relation to the imaginaries of contemporary Chilean society and to the processes of idealization and psychic trans... ver más


Lisbeth Frølunde, Mette Bjerregaard

This paper explores two experimental documentary films that present memories of acts of mass violence: The Act of Killing (Denmark, 2012, director Joshua Oppenheimer) about the Indonesian anti-Communist purge in the 1960s and Gzim Rewind (Sweden, 2011, d... ver más


Peter Imbusch, Alex Veit

This focus section of the International Journal of Conflict and Violence is dedicated to violence and violence research in the Global South. It examines the causes, forms, perpetrators, processes, and outcomes of violence. While the contributions go... ver más


Owen Seda, Nehemiah Chivandikwa

This article is a critical reflection on possibilities for social transformation and democratisation that can be possibly realised through collaborations between young people in civil society, African traditional religion and the Christian movement in co... ver más


Gladys Rocío Ariza Sosa

La teoría de las representaciones sociales permite visibilizar la complejidad de las relaciones género y de los contextos que subyacen la violencia en las relaciones de pareja. El objetivo de la investigación presentada es comprender las representaciones... ver más


Regina Maria da Cruz Queiroz

The quest for winning and preserving political power in Machiavelli’s The Prince is led by the bellicose version of the pre-classical and mythological concept of m?etis or cunning rationality. In opposition to a domestic ver... ver más


Alessandra Salerno,Maria Garro

The aim of this article is to participate in the debate on the phenomenon of violence in intimate relationships; a path of dominance and control, often accompanied by abusive behaviour and power. In particular, we would like to refer to violence in same-... ver más

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