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Evgeniy Stoyanov

The active programs and measures on the labor market are the subject of increasing interest and comment not only because expectations for tangible effects, but also because of the relatively significant financial resources necessary for their implementat... ver más


Carla Vale Lucas,Maria Luísa Pereira Soares

The social cognition is very important for a successful social interaction, and thus for the psychosocial balance of individuals. It is considering the importance of such, that one program was created to promote the children’s social-cognitive developmen... ver más


Carla Vale Lucas,Luísa Soares

"How can we maximize the potential of children in terms of their social-cognitive development?" The biomechanical relevance of this issue and the consideration that the relationship between social-cognitive abilities and pro-social behavior may be mediat... ver más


Choon Khon Ng, Mohd. Fauzi Zanil

Heat exchanger control trainer is a device that helps to demonstrate process control of process variables and simulates real world industrial plant system whereas the implementation of Internet of things (IoT) technology allows wireless communication. Th... ver más


Richard Cunha Schmidt, Micheline Gaia Hoffmann

Abstract Purpose – Despite the increasing availability of financing programs for innovation, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) often find it difficult to access credit for their projects. Among the reasons, the lack of the types of guaran... ver más


Budi Hasanah,Liza Diniarizky Putri

One aspect that often escapes the government's priority agenda is to realize the constitutional mandate to deviate policies that involve the role of parents, families, communities, countries, governments, and local governments to develop obligations, nam... ver más


Brittany Wild Post

People must protect themselves and their communities from structural violence by learning to address and resolve violent conflicts through nonviolent means. Peace programs in practice today do not equip communities to resolve ongoing conflicts of structu... ver más


Zoé de Geofroy, Max Evans

This research aims to demonstrate a connection between emotional competencies and successfulinformation and knowledge-related work; and to adopt research findings from management science, psychology, and organizational behaviour to the development of pra... ver más


Darlene A. Kluka Dean,Anneliese Goslin

In the 21st Century, the international community faces increasingly serious and persistent social challenges. War, poverty, natural disasters, and the lack of human rights are among many conditions that are literally destroying communities throughout the... ver más


Naomi Boakye

Socio-affective issues are generally acknowledged as important in reading development. However, most intervention programmes focus on cognitive aspects of reading, and do not explicitly accommodate socio-affective factors such as attitude, motivation, in... ver más

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