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June Deanna Jeggels, A Traut, F Africa

The School of Nursing at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) and the Directorate of Nursing Services in the Western Cape Department of Health undertook a collaborative project to strengthen the clinical teaching skills of professional nurses in the ... ver más


Chidiebere Ofoegbu,Paxie W. Chirwa,Joseph Francis,Folarannmi D. Babalola

AbstractForests are vulnerable to climate change and are also major sources of livelihood for many rural households in Africa. This study examines rural people’s perceptions of climate change impacts on forest-based livelihoods using rural communities of... ver más


Meihua Liu,Yang Hu,Yan Peng

The present research examined how university students perceived a 2-week summer English immersion program organized and designated by Chinese teachers of English in a highly prestigious university in Beijing and whether their perceptions changed during t... ver más


Elisa Tjondro,Kezia Gabriel Santosa,Nathasa Prayitno

The purpose of this study is to examine differences in perceptions of generations related to service-orientation and trust to tax officers. Changes traditional paradigm of the relationship between tax officers and taxpayers from “cops and robbers” to "cl... ver más


Under conditions of climate change, land-use conflicts are a significant challenge for spatial planning, especially in densely populated metropolitan regions. By using a multi-methodological approach, this study aims to identify different stakeholders&rs... ver más


Peter Kojo Boateng, Divine Odame Appiah, Prince Osei-Wusu Adjei and Henry Kofi Mensah

This study assesses the perceptions of local farming households in the savannahs of northeast Ghana about the patterns of ecological and social changes happening around them over the years. It then unpacks how those perceptions are influencing farming pr... ver más


C. Steven Hunt, George Kelley, David Green, Lola B. Smith

The Office Systems Research Association’s recent revision of the Organizational End-User Information Systems (OEIS) curriculum model provides an opportune setting for determining the value of the model regarding undergraduate education in end-user inform... ver más


Desirée Ariane Modos Figueira, Maria do Carmo Lourenço Haddad, Raquel Gvozd

Objective: to unveil the perceptions of pre-retired employees of a public university about retirement. Methods: qualitative research conducted with 16 pre-retired employees of a public university. Data were collected in monthly meetings in... ver más


Alex Fabiano Duarte, Vilmar Rodrigues Moreira, Alex Antônio Ferraresi, Alcimar Gerhard

The financial market has undergone numerous changes in recent years, becoming more competitive and characterized by offers of increasinglysimilar products and services by competitors. An alternative for companies to stand out in this market is the introd... ver más

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