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Made Adi Nugraha Tristaningrat

This study aims: 1) to Integrating Dolanan in the local content of Egalitarinism is theinternalization of the value of character education into learning so that the result is an awarenessof the importance of values, and 2) to forming a positive character... ver más


Rajeh Hamad Alajmi,Fais Bin Ahmad,Ali Ali Al-Ansi,Abdullahi Hassan Gorondutse

The underrepresentation of women in academic and administrative leadership roles is a global phenomenon. This study aimed to investigate the leadership effectiveness and the important factors that influence the women leadership effectiveness in the conte... ver más


Moh. Asra Maksum

This paper tries to explore the fact that transaction constitutes the most important aspect of Islamic jurisprudence, commonly called fiqh. The paper tries to deal with this aspect in terms of the legal thought of Islam and relates it with the modern con... ver más


Elvio Accinelli-Gamba,Leobardo Plata-Pérez,Joss Sánchez-Pérez

In the framework of general equilibrium theory, this paper considers the existing relationship between the concepts of egalitarianism, efficiency, and fairness, in a pure exchange economy with infinitely many goods. We consider the possibility of achievi... ver más


Bruno Amaro Lacerda

Resumo: Este artigo objetiva investigar as origens históricas do igualitarismo, doutrina que denuncia a desigualdade econômica como um mal social e defende sua atenuação ou eliminação como condição para o alcance da sociedade justa. Procurou-se most... ver más


M. Sidi Ritaudin

Hingga saat ini kondisi perpolitikan bangsa belum bisa menampilkan bentuk yang harmonis antara pemerintah dan rakyat. Meskipun pasca revormasi pemerintah tidak lagi mengkooptasi kekuasaan dan mengontrol partisipasi rakyat, namun euphoria demokrasi belum ... ver más


Elizabeth Anderson

ResumoO igualitarismo democrático dá às sociedades um meio para entender os princípios da justiça e como eles se aplicam a elas próprias e a outras. Ao perceber a forma como a justiça exige respeito mútuo para funcionar, os cidadãos de uma comunidade pol... ver más


Saul Smilansky

I consider two difficulties which have been presented to egalitarianism: Parfit’s “Levelling Down Objection” (LDO) and my “Paradox of the Baseline” (POB). I show that making things worse for some people even with no gain to anyone is actually an ordinary... ver más


Elaine Rabelo Neiva, Maria das Graças Torres da Paz

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the individual and organizational changes perceived by the employees of a public sector organization that suffered interventions for four years. The study had three stages: measurement of organizational character... ver más


Rita Maria Siahaan,Setiawati Darmojuwono,Muhammad Arie Andiko Ajie

Indonesian society is multicultural and multilingual. Dialects in Indonesia have a lot of indigenous concepts, which are important for the nation building. In a multilingual society, language contact means that languages with small repertoire can be domi... ver más

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