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Inmaculada Palomares Cobo

Los ciudadanos del siglo XXI demandan el restablecimiento del equilibrio que el individuo ha perdido a causa de la sobreestimulación que vivimos hoy en día. Los trastornos de tipo depresivo y la inestabilidad emocional afectan a una población que comienz... ver más


Hetti Sari Ramadhani

Adolescents development make themprone to conflict. In the juvenile stages happensconfusion between the role of adolescents and the demands of the surrounding community, so itmake adolescents involved in a conflict in their environment. This condition wi... ver más


Muhammad Idris,Riasat Ali,Abdul Ghaffar

This paper focused on the investigation of the nature and causes of students’ conflicts, strategies and role of academic personnel in both sectors universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The objectives of the study were; to investigate the nature and causes ... ver más



This paper examines some concepts regarding religion and conflict, more specifically, the role of Islamic religious leaders in the conflict resolution. In many Muslim countries, Islamic religious leaders play significant roles, not only in the religious ... ver más


dede mustomi, Siswidiyanto Siswidiyanto, Aprilia Puspasari

This research is to see how communication and leadership influence on conflict resolution. Communication and leadership which are an integral part of the organization generally have a strong influence in the organization or even have no influence at all ... ver más


Armen Tashchian, William R. Forrester, Maria Kalamas

This paper reports the results of a cross-cultural investigation of the role of Extroversion in determining the conflict resolution styles of business students in the United States and the Republic of Armenia. PLS modeling showed that Extroversion was as... ver más


William R. Forrester, Armen Tashchian

This paper reports results of a study of the effects of five personality dimensions on conflict resolution preferences in student teams. Two hundred and sixteen students provided self-reports of personality dimensions and conflict styles using the Neo-FF... ver más


Ady Muzwardi,Z Zulhilmi

Aceh peace is a new dynamic on the resolution of conflicts in the region. Eight years have passed and the agreement was signed by the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and the Indonesian Government, while the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) agreed in 2005. The ... ver más


Nuryanto Nuryanto

The main objectives of this study are: 1) to understand the conflicting picture, especially the students' conflict in the Madrasah environment; 2) to know the description of madrasah programs related to conflict resolution; 3) to know the distinctive con... ver más


Sholahudin Ranggawuni Hardipo Widyaputra,Pujiyono SH MH

This study is aimed to know varied factors influencing simple claim has not become role modelof credit conflict resolution in BPR. Research method is normative juridic. Data collection technique is documentary/literature study and books or other related ... ver más

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