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Norma Diana Hamilton

Resumo: Neste artigo, partindo dos estudos de gênero e raça, discutimos a questão de resistência e busca por uma identidade no romance The Autobiography of My Mother da escritora afro-americana/caribenha Jamaica Kincaid. Esse bildungsroman apresenta a hi... ver más


Carmen Ramos Villar

 This essay explores how Charles Reis Felix’s autobiography, Through a Portagee Gate (2004), examines everyday practices within the Portuguese American domestic space. The analysis also explores the interaction of the domestic setting with elements ... ver más


Mateusz Chmurski

The aim of this paper is to analyze the complex relation between autobiography and fiction in the work of the Hungarian psychiatrist, writer and music critic Géza Csáth (the pen name of József Brenner [1887–1919]), in particular his 1912–1913 diary, usua... ver más


Helga Lénárt-Cheng

The paper investigates the question of self-translation in the work of Alexander Lenard (Lénárd Sándor). Lenard, a polyglot writer and translator, rewrote his autobiography three times, in three different languages (in German, English, and Hungarian). Th... ver más


Judith C. Lapadat, Nancy E. Black, Philip G. Clark, Richard M. Gremm, Lucy W. Karanja, Miss Mieke, Loriann Quinlan

Using memory work, a group of eight adults in a university setting wrote, shared, and theorized memories of life challenges we experienced. In this study, we have adapted and refined memory work as a method, and we model this by presenting and examining ... ver más


Michelle Strasberg

Antislavery literature in Cuba experienced its major peak during the first half of the nineteenth century with the works of the well-known “círculodelmontino” led by the writer and progressive lawyer, Domingo del Monte. Joining this group were liberal th... ver más


Irene Karpiak

Autobiography has generally been recognized for its literary and artistic aspects, and as a result has been largely overlooked as an instructional method in adult and continuing education. This paper argues for a wider use of autobiography in adult ... ver más


Iuliu-Marius Morariu

AbstractDespite its importance for the understanding of ideas and the genesis of Nicholas Berdiaev’s works, his spiritual autobiography, written at the end of his life, has not been fructified enough by contemporary research until today. Therefore, this ... ver más


Morariu Iuliu-Marius

AbstractAn important personality of the Swedish cultural space and of the world diplomatic space, Dag Hammarskjöld (1905–1961), left to posterity, besides his literary works, his economic and diplomatic contributions, the most important spiritual autobio... ver más


Richard Elliott

Popular musicians with long careers provide rich source material for the study of persona, authenticity, endurance and the maintenance (and reinvention) of significant bodies of work. Successful artists’ songs create a soundtrack not only to their own li... ver más

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