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Volume 3 Number Special Issue Year 2043

6 articles in this issue 

Adlin Zulkefli, Hanum Rusmadi, Akhtarzaite Abdul Aziz

The introduction of the digital wallet known as “E-Wallet” helps people in their transactions without the need for cash, which is known as the phenomenon of “go cashless.” Implementation of the e-wallet is involved with some transactions and concepts used... see more


Aisyah Humairah Zulqarnain, Luqman Zakariyah

Musharakah Mutanaqi?ah (MM) or Diminishing Partnership is one of the financing contracts that comply with Shariah and many Malaysian Islamic banks have introduced this mode of contract into their home financing product except Hong Leong Islamic Bank and s... see more

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Abdulmajid Obaid Hasan Saleh, Habeebullah Zakariyah

E-commerce and the digital world are among the initiatives that are addressed by many contemporary researchers. This study seeks to find out how important the digital world, e-commerce and informatics are in achieving the goals of the Islamic economy. Thi... see more

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Arif Ali Arif, Mohammed Ahmed Bourkab, Hasssan Ben Ibrahim Hendaoui, Missoun Kouadri

The ultimate purpose of Sharia law is to protect the welfare of humans by bringing benefits for them and preventing harms from them. The jurists agree that the evidence of maslahah is the basis on which the provisions of financial and banking transactions... see more

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Ali Hemed Awadh

The history of endowments in the Kenyan coast dates back to the advent of Islam in this region. The first endowments in the Kenyan coast were mosques made of mud. This is because the early Muslims (Arabs) were business merchants who were not permanently l... see more

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