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Volume 62 Number 2 Year 2076

10 articles in this issue 

Nassima Mami, Mohamed Najib Bouaziz

The steady, laminar, mixed convection, boundary layer flow of an incompressible nanofluid past over a semi-infinite stretching surface in a nanofluid –saturated porous medium with the effects of magnetic field and chemical reaction is studied. The governi... see more

Pags. 91 - 100  

Abderrahmane Elmeriah, Driss Nehari, Mohamed Aichouni

In this paper, we have studied numerically thermo-convective characteristics between a heat transfer fluid (HTF) and phase change material (PCM) in shell and tube thermal energy storage (TES) unit. The paraffin wax is considered as a PCM, filled in a shel... see more

Pags. 101 - 109  

Abdelwahab Zerrouki, Abdelkader Boulenouar, Mohamed Mazari, Mohamed Benguediab

In this paper, an experimental and a numerical analysis were carried out using High density polyethylene (HDPE). Sheets with an initial central crack (CCT specimens) inclined with a given angle are investigated and compared to the loading direction. The k... see more

Pags. 110 - 117  

S. P. Sundar Singh Sivam, Sathiya Moorthy Karuppaiah, Bhaskar Karthik Yedida, Jai Ram Atluri, Shubhang Mathur

This study presents the optimization of Machining parameters on AM60 Mg alloy manufactured by Gravity Die Casting and with responses supported orthogonal array with Grey relation analysis. Focuses on the optimization of Machining input parameters using th... see more

Pags. 118 - 125  

Mohammed Amine Amraoui, Khaled Aliane

This paper presents the study of fluid flow and heat transfer in solar flat plate collector by using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) which reduces time and cost. In the present paper the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool has been used to simulate... see more

Pags. 126 - 135  

Gerard Mbobda, Lucien Meva'a, Pascal Luprince Kouokam Mbobda

A critical analysis of the scientific literature shows that, contrary to helical and other springs widely used in practice, slotted cylinder springs have been insufficiently documented to date. Currently, given the under exploited potential of their parti... see more

Pags. 136 - 147  

György Szabó, Károly Váradii

Primary aim of this paper is to investigate the mechanical behavior of an O-ring seal made of NBR rubber material using finite element method. Further aim is to identify the O-ring’s critical locations where it can fail under normal operating conditions. ... see more

Pags. 148 - 157  

László Kovács, Gábor Romhány

The realistic estimation of the ply stiffness parameters of polymer composite laminates is a big challenge nowadays in industrial practice. In this paper a new, innovative concept is introduced that is based on the backward use of Classical Laminate Theor... see more

Pags. 158 - 164  

Máté Szucs, György Krállics, John Lenard

The predictive abilities of several mathematical models of the cold, flat rolling process are tested by comparing their predictions to experimental measurements. The models include an empirical model, a one-dimensional model, a finite element model and an... see more

Pags. 165 - 172  

Toufik Bousnane, Smail Benbarek, Abderahmen Sahli, Boualem Serier, Bel Abbes Bachir Bouiadjra

In orthopedic surgery and particularly in total hip arthroplasty, fixation of femoral implant is generally made by the surgical cement. Bone–cement interface has long been implicated in failure of cemented total hip replacement (THA), it is actually a cri... see more

Pags. 173 - 178