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Volume 10 Number 4 Year 2022

41 articles in this issue 

Kefelegn Kebede,Berhanu Bekele,Sisay Tilahun,Biresaw Serda

This study was conducted to assess variability among linear body measurements (LBMs), deduce components that describe these traits, and investigate the inter-relationship among them. For this purpose, seventeen LBM traits namely heart girth, body-length, ... see more

Pags. 503 - 507  

Egwujeh I.D. Simeon,Audu Basiru Danjuma,Amidu Momoh

The effect of cricket addition on the proximate composition, mineral compositions, functional and sensory properties of complementary food formulated from millet was studied. The result of the chemical composition showed significantly increase in the prot... see more

Pags. 508 - 516  

Ceyda Dadali

Roasting is the most important coffee processing stage that affects coffee flavour. Coffee brew is prepared by various methods and Turkish coffee brewing technique is one of the oldest methods among other coffee preparation techniques. In this study, vola... see more

Pags. 517 - 523  

Abednego Christopher,Hegarty James Philip,Adashu Tanko Gani

Floodplains known as 'Fadama' is encouraged in Nigeria by the world bank in order to boost agriculture and food security. This activity is being managed by the State ministries of agriculture through Agricultural Development Programmes (ADPs) nationwide. ... see more

Pags. 524 - 530  

Love Joel,Abubakar Alhaji Umaru Jongur,Elizabeth Femi Adebayo,Amurtiya Michael

This study analysed the economics of plantain production in Northeast Nigeria. The specific objectives of the study were to; describe plantain farmers’ socio-economic characteristics in Northeast Nigeria; identify factors affecting plantain production in ... see more

Pags. 536 - 541  

Esra Gürsoy,Gürkan Sezmis,Ali Kaya

The purpose of this study was to determine the chemical content, in vitro gas and methane production, relative feed value (RFV), relative feed quality (RFQ), in vitro digestibility parameters, and microbial protein production of the Italian ryegrass plant... see more

Pags. 542 - 548  

Cevher Özden,Mutlu Bulut,Burak Sen

The new coronavirus, emerged in Wuhan, China in December 2019, turned into a major global pandemic and has caused many deaths around the world. Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected every aspect from economy, education to health system. During Covid-19... see more

Pags. 549 - 554  

M Iqbal Prawira-Atmaja,Kralawi Sita,Stefania Stefania Widya Setyaningtyas,Hilman Maulana,Doni Setiadi,Sri Priatni,Anny Sulaswatty

Tea is a popular beverage with potential health benefits for those who consume it regularly. Tea products with health claims require scientific evidence based on clinical trials with generally accepted scientific data and newly developed scientific data. ... see more

Pags. 555 - 561  

Gökçen Yakuboglu,Sebnem Köklü Ardiç,Yakup Cuci,Ahmet Korkmaz

The purpose of this study was to explore the possibilities of improving chilling stress tolerance of eggplant seedlings through exogenous melatonin (MEL) application. Eggplant (Hadrian F1) seedlings were treated with various concentrations (0, 1, 5 or 25 ... see more

Pags. 562 - 568  

Jean Constant Kouablan Karim,Suomion Justin Saki,Tehi Bernard Sea,Kouassi Aboutou Severin Kra,Guillaume Arthur Kouassi Loh Yoboue

The aim of this study is to contribute to the valorization of the cocoa bean varieties “Mercedes” and “Forastero” grown in Côte d’Ivoire. A comparative characterisation of phenolic compounds and minerals in the beans of the “Mercedes” and “Forastero” vari... see more

Pags. 569 - 578  

Murwanashyaka Emmanuel,Chitere Preston Orieko,Kariuki James Gichuru

The farming technique of radical terracing is one of the new agricultural technologies introduced in Rwanda to enhance farming activities in the highland areas. The study was designed to analyze the applicability of the adoption and diffusion model of far... see more

Pags. 579 - 586  

Ulku Baykal,Kadriye Özcan

Powdery mildew affecting European hazelnut Corylus avellana L. trees in Turkey is caused by the obligate biotrophic fungus Erysiphe corylacearum. This fungal disease causes significant economic losses by reducing the yield and quality of hazelnuts. Loss-o... see more

Pags. 595 - 612  

Abed Hanane,Nasri Meriem,Rouag Noureddine

The objective of the present study is to determine the microbiological quality of Merguez-type sausages prepared and sold locally from meat offal and to study the antibacterial activity of fresh garlic (Allium sativum) during conservation at 4 °C. Thus, f... see more

Pags. 613 - 620  

Izzet Türker,Sedanur Dastan,Hilal Isleroglu

In this study, alkali dietary fiber extraction method was evaluated to obtain soluble and insoluble dietary fiber from Trigonella-foenum graecum L. (fenugreek) seeds. The process conditions of alkali extraction method ensuring the highest total dietary fi... see more

Pags. 621 - 628  

Shobha Pokhrel,Gautam Bahadur Khadka,Dolma Diki Sherpa,Neha Sah,Ishan Gautam,Sachindra Dev Upadhyaya,Rashmi Khanal

The fall armyworm [Spodoptera frugiperda, (JE Smith, 1797) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)] is a polyphagous pest native to tropical and subtropical regions of America. After it was detected for the first time in Nepal in the Nawalpur area on 9th May 2019, it ha... see more

Pags. 629 - 636  

Nergis Kaya

Phloxine is used as a food dye. In this study, genotoxicity of phloxine at the root tip of Allium cepa L. was investigated. A. cepa L. meristematic root tip cells were treated with ten different doses of phloxine. In this way, the EC50 value was determine... see more

Pags. 637 - 641  

Mehmet Zeki Koçak,Merve Göre,Orhan Kurt

Salinity, which is one of the abiotic stress factors, severely restricts plant production as a result of the negative effects of plants in different growth and development periods. Therefore, it is extremely important to determine the tolerance limits of ... see more

Pags. 657 - 662  

Oluwafemi Emmanuel Ogundahunsi,Ayokunle Oluwasanmi Fagunwa,Adedayo Thomas Ayorinde

The extraction process of peanut oil has been a major concern for local processors due to the difficult task it constitutes during processing. The use of oil expellers has been found to reduce the difficulty in this task yet different processing factors t... see more

Pags. 663 - 668  

Azzedine Mazari,Louisa Abdoun,Nessrine Dif,Zineb Fedjer,Aicha Blama,Amokrane Mahdeb

As a part of prospecting bioactive molecules from natural resources, the phytochemical composition and antioxidant properties of extracts of leaves and berries oilcake of Pistacia lentiscus L., collected from two sites (Mechat and Bordj-Ali) in the northe... see more

Pags. 669 - 677  

Emre Sevindik,Mehmet Yavuz Paksoy,Mustafa Sevindik

In this study, genetic relationship of ISSR markers of seven endemic Inula species distributed in Turkey was carried out. Plant samples were collected from different regions of Turkey in 2013 and gDNA was obtained by DNA isolation from green leaves. Genet... see more

Pags. 678 - 681  

Fatma Kaya Yildirim,Beyza Hatice Ulusoy

Although snail meat is an important source of protein in terms of human nutrition, it has found a place in the eating and drinking culture of very few communities. Consumption of snail meat is socially accepted in many parts of the Cyprus. It is called as... see more

Pags. 682 - 685  

Ahmet Uçar,Mehmet Akif Boz,Kadir Erensoy,Musa Sarica

This study was performed to determine the effect of hatching system (house and hatcher) and egg weight (heavy and light) on pip-hatch time, hatchability and some gosling quality traits. A total of 389 eggs (fertile of candling) from 2-year-old Turkish Nat... see more

Pags. 686 - 692  

Canan Göksu Sürücü,Nevzat Artik

Different brewing methods can lead to changes in the physicochemical properties of green tea. In this study, the physicochemical properties of green tea brewed with different amounts (5, 7.5 and 10 grams) and times (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, ... see more

Pags. 693 - 701  

Atakan Koç,Berkay Gaser

Colostrum quality produced by dairy cows varies considerably. The amount of immune protein content in colostrum has also high specific gravity. In this study, the specific gravity of colostrum (SGC) produced by 32 Holstein-Friesian cows with different par... see more

Pags. 702 - 709  

Yasar Erdogan,Metin Turan

The types and densities of honeyed plants vary depending on the altitude. This causes the amount and Physicochemical structure of honey produced in apiaries of different altitudes to change. In this study, honey harvest from the honeybee colonies placed a... see more

Pags. 710 - 718  

Karthik Madhayan,Venkadachalam Balamurugan,Sunder Suganya

The Litsea floribunda Gamble was widely used for various medicinal purposes. The present study was aimed to screening the phytochemicals presentin theleaf and bark extract of L. floribunda and also assess their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties... see more

Pags. 719 - 725  

Nida Nur Urganci,Nazife Yilmaz,Gamze Koçer Alasalvar,Zeliha Yildirim

Pseudomonas aeruginosa, belonging to the Pseudomonadaceae family, is Gram-negative, rod-shaped, motile, aerobic, endospore negative, oxidase and catalase positive. It is widely found in nature and isolated from soil, plants, water and animals. It can grow... see more

Pags. 726 - 738  

Hürkan Tayfun Varol,Adnan Degirmencioglu

The objective of this study was to find out the performance of a seeding unit metering coriander seeds (Coriandrum sativum L.) with a fluted roll. As a first step for the determination of the performance of the metering unit, flow rate measurements were a... see more

Pags. 739 - 745  

Muzaffer Barut,Leyla Sezen Tansi,Sengul Karaman

demand for its essential oil continues to grow on a global scale. The fact remains that harvesting at the right time of growth is critical to maximizing the rate of active ingredients found in the plant. Thus, in the current study, L. angustifolia plants ... see more

Pags. 746 - 753  

Kaan Isinkaralar

The effect of barium element that can be extremely harmful heavy metal to human and environmental health in urban centers. The barium can cause various environmental pollution due to its anthropogenic accumulation in the environment. Also, it has negative... see more

Pags. 754 - 759  

Fatima Benchikh,Hassiba Benabdallah,Hind Amira,Walid Mamache,Smain Amira

Free radicals or highly reactive oxygen species are capable of inducing oxidative damage to the human body Plants containing phenolic compounds have potent antioxidant capacity. The present study was undertaken to investigate the in vitro antioxidant acti... see more

Pags. 760 - 765  

Abderrahim Benslama,Warda Nouiri

The aim of this work is the isolation, identification and evaluation of the antibacterial activity of endophytic fungi from the Algerian medicinal plant Marrubium vulgare L. The isolation of endophytic fungi is carried out by the method of sterilization o... see more

Pags. 766 - 770  

Md. Hafizur Rahman,Md. Rafiqul Islam,F. M. Aminuzzaman,Kallol Das,M. M. A. Patwary,M. Z. Masud

The experiment was conducted under in-vivo condition in a betelvine baroj at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University (SAU), Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh. Nineteen isolates of Sclerotium rolfsii collected from different regions of Bangladesh designated as isolate-... see more

Pags. 771 - 774  

Sunday Sambo Mailumo,Adam Ibrahim Bilyaminu

The study attempted to examine the question whether rural farmers save their income. Rural farmers in Toro Local Government of Bauchi State, Nigeria were used as a case study. The factors that influence saving and investment were also determined. Out of t... see more

Pags. 775 - 780  

Dereje Haile,Bizuayehu Tesfaye,Fassil Assefa

Promoting the agricultural sector with up-to-date technologies and inputs is convenient to enhance productivity. Production intervention is needed by introducing and adopting proper agronomic practices. Improved agricultural technologies increase producti... see more

Pags. 781 - 786  

Sinan Yurdalan,Savas Atasever

This study was conducted to determine the associations of some milking traits and milk yield in water buffalo farms located in Bafra district of Samsun province. In total, 37 Anatolian Buffalo farms enrolled to Buffalo Breeders Association (BBA) were eval... see more

Pags. 787 - 790  

Hatice Hizli

The aim of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of biased estimation methods, principal component regression (PC) and ridge regression (RR) methods, according to unbiased the least squares (LS) method, against the multiple linearity problem (mul... see more

Pags. 791 - 797