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Volume 13 Number 3

5 articles in this issue 

Felicitas Hillmann

This paper analyzes the policies for migrant economies as part of broader social and labor market in Germany. It points out that the current fragmented and contradictory policy action can be identified as an outcome of former ambiguities and the delegatio... see more


Ipandang, Umiarso

In dealing with terrorism cases in Indonesia, the government must develop a strategy to eradicate terrorism, be it the ideology of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or other terrorism ideologies through awareness of the importance of human rights... see more


A. Sakti R.S. Rakia; Hermanto Suaib; Kristi W. Simanjuntak

The Papuan People's Assembly (Majelis Rakyat Papua-MRP) is a cultural representation of the Papuan people, which has an important role in protecting the rights of the Papuan people in the fields of customs and culture, empowering women, and religious harm... see more


Jozef Adamec, Kathomi Gatwiri, Jean Renouf

AbstractAfter World War II, an estimated five million people were on the move in Czechoslovakia. Between 1954 and 1970, over 16,000 of them immigrated to Australia. This paper is part of a larger research project that provides an in-depth inquiry of the l... see more


Panajot Barka

This paper considers the impact of Enlightenment ideals before and during the Movement of the New Greek National Ideology during the 17th to 19th centuries. It is about Ioannina and Voskopoja, located today respectively in northwestern Greece and in south... see more

Pags. 68 - 80