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Volume 77 Number 1 Year 2020

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Introduction and Editorial Board

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Alexandru Ioan GIURGIU,Adela Ramona MOISE,Daniel Severus DEZMIREAN

Varroa destructor is a parasitic mite that represents a major global threat for the Western honeybee Apis mellifera. This parasite managed to switch from its natural host the Eastern honeybee, A. cerana, and within a few decades, it spread among A. mellif... see more

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In this study we followed the way in which evolves the behaviour of some honeybee families (Apis mellifera carpathica, Linnaeus), maintained in vertical beehives (modified Dadant type), in conditions of stationary bee keeping, having in view the natural q... see more

Pags. 15 - 21  

Lucia Lelia POP,Liviu Alexandru MARGHITA?,Otilia BOBI?,Adela Ramona MOISE,Daniel Severus DEZMIREAN

According to the scientific literature, sericulture is the science with its focus on the silkworm rearing process, as well as the processing of silk and silk derived products. As a rural economic activity, sericulture is being usually, at small scale, bei... see more

Pags. 22 - 34  

Constantin GAVAN

Sperm is a zootechnical production that is harvested, controlled, processed and used, within a well-defined technological stream.Biotechnological intensification of breeding to increase birth and prolificity in zootechnics requires complex control of sper... see more

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The research was carried out to determine the effects of cumin seeds in food diets of Anatolian water buffaloes (AWB) in shelter about gas concentration, milk yield and composition. The animal material of the experiment was conducted with 27 buffaloes at ... see more

Pags. 41 - 50  

Adela Ramona MOISE,Lucia Lelia POP,Thomas Vicentiu VEZETEU,Bianca DOMU? AGOSTON,Claudia PASCA,Daniel Severus DEZMIREAN

Global Centre of Excellence for Advanced Research in Sericulture and Promotion of Silk Production (GCEARS-PSP) is an important organisation for Romanian sericulture; the main aim of the centre is the revival of Romanian sericulture, the maintenance of Bom... see more

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