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Volume 16 Number Vol 16, No 1: April 2020 Year 2020

10 articles in this issue 

Endang Rostiana,Anggia Rodesbi

Abstract: Demographic transition in Indonesia indicated by an increase in the productive age population, a decrease in the unproductive age population, and leads to a decrease in the dependency ratio. This study analyzes the relationship between demo... see more

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Lisa Gusmanita,Nury Effendi,Rudi Kurniawan

 Abstract: The global economic turmoil on domestic economy was seen in 1997/1998 crisis which led to Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia implementing Inflation Targeting (IT). Empirically, IT was able to reduce  foreign ... see more

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Ida Ayu Putu Widani Sugianingrat,Ida I Dewa Ayu Yayati Wilyadewi,I Wayan Gde Sarmawa

Abstract: This study aims to study the effect of entrepreneurship education, work environment, and self-efficacy on student interest in entrepreneurship. This research was conducted on students of the Faculty of Economics, Hindu University of Indones... see more

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Purwanto Purwanto,Wahyu Rusdiyanto,Yudit Ayu Respati

Abstract: This paper aimed to identify and formulate the labor market demand on works skills for secretary indicated in job advertisements. The study conducted from February to July 2019. The particular research used content analysis with a qualitati... see more

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Hendri Cahyo Dwi Safitri,Bambang Eko Afiatno

Abstract: This study aims to analyze the difference in job search duration and business preparation duration based on education level, training, job experience, marital status, age, and sex. The total unit of analysis used in this study is 51,112 ind... see more

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Nyimas Yuhanis Sartika,Sugiharsono Sugiharsono

Abstract: This study aims to examine the effect of self-efficacy and the intensity of social media use on student consumption behaviour, both partially and simultaneously. It belongs to causal associative research with a quantitative approach. The po... see more

Pags. 71 - 85  

Bayu Kharisma,Sutyastie Soemitro Remi,Ferry Hadiyanto,Andhika Dwi Saputra

Abstract: Arisan or Rotating Savings and Credit Associations (ROSCAs) constitute one of the most commonly found informal financial institutions in the developing world. This study aims to analyze the effect of Rotating Savings And Credit Associations... see more

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Imanuel Madea Sakti

Abstract: The research on the Structure-Conduct-Performance (SCP) hypothesis in the banking industry has been done many times, including in Indonesia. However, it still focuses on commercial banks. This research aims to examine the relationship betwe... see more

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Lia Gustina,Diah Ayu Utami,Padang Wicaksono

Abstract: This study aims to analyze the effect of cognitive skills, non-cognitive skills, and internet use on the entrepreneur's success in Indonesia. Using the Indonesian Family Life Survey (IFLS) conducted in 2014 (IFLS-5), this study observed peo... see more

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