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Volume 6 Number 1 Year 2047

15 articles in this issue 

Fitri Khoerunisa, Resista Vikaliana

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of service quality on loyalty throughcustomer satisfaction as an intervening variable. Furthermore, to apply these objectives, aquantitative approach method with linear regression analysis is used. The ... see more

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Paula Dewanti, Ni Putu Linda Santiari, Kadek Vishnu Vedamurthi

This study is a continuation of previous research conducted by researchers on theimplementation of Digital Learning in several countries as an Emergency Response to theexceptional circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, considering the most recent develop... see more

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Chalifah Chairunnisa, Tanti Susilarini

This study aims to knowing the relationship between organizational commitment and personorganizationfit with turnover intention in contract employees of PT. X in Tegal. The sample in thisstudy amounted to 132 subjects with data collection method using con... see more

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Chairun Nisa Zempi, Siti Maryam, Priyono Priyono

The decentralized system is the concept of granting authority by the central government tolocal governments to determine the policy direction of each region. E-government is present asthe realization of a social and political system that is decentralized ... see more

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Selviana Selviana, Sari Yulinar

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of self-image and social acceptance onself-confidence in adolescents who upload selfie photos on Instagram social media. Thesampling method used was convenience sampling. Respondents of this study are ... see more

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Wahyu Sinta Eliysabet, Safri Nurmantu, Resista Vikaliana

This study aims to identify and analyze the knowledge of taxpayers on the fulfillment of taxationobligations of MSMEs by using a systematic mapping study method to examine the scientificpublications of taxpayers' knowledge on the fulfillment of MSME Taxat... see more

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Yogi Priambodo, Resista Vikaliana, I Nyoman Purnaya

This study aims to determine the effect of service quality and timeliness of freight forwardingservices on customer satisfaction. This study involved 30 respondents as research samplesselected based on nonprobability sampling technique, namely saturated s... see more

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Ira Ningrum Resmawa, Siti Masruroh

Information technology is very helpful for consumers as a means of supporting longdistancecommunication at this time where consumers can easily use the internet to accessapplications that can help consumers to get what they want, such as those engaged inh... see more

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Rini Rini

Abortion cases are increasing both globally and nationally. What had been the reason forsomeone to think about having an abortion becomes important to research. Theparticipants in this study were 19 women who had an abortion. Accidental Samplingtechnique ... see more

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Tanti Susilarini

The aims of this study are to determine relationship between self-concept and anxiety to face work worldat the end level students of Persada Indonesia YA UniversityI. The sample in this study amount to 107students consisting 40 students male and 67 studen... see more

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Wijayanti Wijayanti, Susi Yunarti, Dian Harmaningsih

Writing this research article aims to explain the need to developlearning models and methods based on HOTS in higher education, in orderthey can really contribute positively to the development of society 5.0. Theresearch method is descriptive analytical b... see more

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Yanti Herawati, Siti Komsiah

This research is motivated by the interest of researchers to examine the influence ofcustomer service communication competence on customer satisfaction with the researchobject of Bank Central Asia KCP Pondok Ungu. The purpose of this study was to determin... see more

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Sri Desti Purwatiningsih

The decline in the quality of the conservation forest of Mount Halimun Salak National Parkcan be studied from various perspectives, one of which is the participation of thecommunity around the forest in managing, utilizing and conserving the conservation ... see more

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Jerry Tobing

Rhinitis merupakan suatu penyakit pada hidung yang salah satunya bisa berhubungan denganpekerjaan seperti alergen atau pencetus lainnya. Adapun gejala rhinitis akibat kerja berupasumbatan hidung, bersin, hidung berair, gatal, keterbatasan aliran udara pad... see more

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Indro Moerdisuroso, Zaitun Y.A Kherid

This community service activity in making a visual identity or logo for the partnerinstitution called Community Learning Center (PKBM) Karya Ummat in Cengkareng,West Jakarta contributed mainly to strengthening related institutions. PKBM which ismanaged by... see more

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