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Number Aestimum72 Year 2018

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Tiziano Tempesta

Between 1994 and 1996, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) placed 24 villas designed by Andrea Palladio on the World Heritage List. In this way, the universal value of Palladio’s works has been recognised. The analysi... see more

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Maria De Salvo,Giovanni Signorello,Giuseppe Cucuzza,Diego Begalli,Lara Agnoli

This study applied discrete-choice experiments to estimate preferences for a program aimed at reducing the retreatment of the sandy beach at “Lido di Noto”, a renowned Sicilian bathing resort close to Noto (Italy). Econometric analysis of data was based o... see more

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Pasquale De Toro,Silvia Iodice

The concept of urban resilience describes the capacity of a system to recover its functionality after a disturbance. Considering that every city is unique, the aim of the paper is to apply the concept of ecosystem health to the Metropolitan Area of Naples... see more

Pags. 39 - 59  

Veronica Alampi Sottini,Iacopo Bernetti,Matteo Pecchi,Maria Cipollaro

The aim of the paper is to assess the perceived visual quality of the rural landscape in the Valdichiana aretina, Italy, through a survey conducted on a sample of ordinary people. The research comprises of three steps. First, the territory under study is ... see more

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F. Marangon,S. Troiano,F. Nassivera,M. Cosmina,G. Gallenti

The aim of this paper is to explore the monetary value of marine ecosystem services provided by coralligenous habitats in the Adriatic sea. The paper describes the development of a contingent valuation survey and examines the perspective of Millennials. E... see more

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Ruggiero Sardaro,Francesco Bozzo,Vincenzo Fucilli

Apulia is the fifth Italian region in terms of irrigated area and irrigation water used in agriculture. However, inefficiencies in the management of the regional irrigation consortia force most of farmers to use groundwater by private wells, with negative... see more

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