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Number 2 Year 2020

20 articles in this issue 

L. Dostálek,J. Šafarík

Context. Currently, institutions and companies face massive cyber-attacks. Attacks are always focused on some authentication weakness that is part of a particular authentication protocol. In the event of an attack, it is necessary to respond flexibly to t... see more

Pags. 106 - 116  

I. A. Dychka,V. P. Legeza,M. V. Onai,A. I. Severin

Context. When cryptographic applications and data transmission control systems are implementing, there is a need for quick methods for performing operations on finite field elements. The object of the study is the processes of encryption, decryption and t... see more

Pags. 117 - 128  

E. V. Ivohin,L. T. Adzhubey,O. V. Gavrylenko,Yu. O. Naumenko

Context. Solving of the problem of formalization and study of the development of the process of information dissemination over time and its impact on the society is very important for ensuring information security. It is necessary to use a fundamentally n... see more

Pags. 129 - 136  

M. A. M?roshnyk,A. S. Shkil,E. N. Kulak,D. Y. Rakhlis,A. M. M?roshnyk,N. V. Malahov

Context. The relevance of the work consists in the development of computer-aided design methods for automatic real-time logic control devices by developing a single template in a synthesized subset of the hardware description language in the style of auto... see more

Pags. 137 - 148  

I. O. Protsko

Actuality. Discrete cosine transforms provide high efficiency of applications in modern information processing facilities. After all, the computation of forward and reverse transforms in the real field is especially important for the effective solution of... see more

Pags. 149 - 157  

O. M. Roma,S. V. Vasylenko,Ye. V. Peleshok,S. V. Honenko,B. A. Nikolayenko

Context. The experience of joined forces operation in the east of the country has shown that in the process of completing tasks, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is forced to operate in a rather difficult environment. The most significant is the problem o... see more

Pags. 15 - 24  

N. A. Rybachok,B. B. Oros

Context. The study is devoted to the development an adaptive method for scheduling tasks in distributed browser-based volunteer computing systems. which is constructed on the session metrics of a volunteer user. This allows server to allocate tasks to eac... see more

Pags. 158 - 164  

V. V. Avdejev

Context. The peculiarity of the rocket movement as an object of control in that in the course of flight its parameters, depending of the trajectory point and fuel consumption, change significantly. It belongs also to disturbance forces that can’t be direc... see more

Pags. 165 - 172  

O. V. Majstrenko,V. V. Prokopenko,V. I. Makeev,E. G. Ivanyk

Context. Within the framework of the accepted simplifying hypotheses, an approximate scheme of calculation of the parameters of the active and passive sections of the trajectory is proposed, which allow to study the trajectory properties of the existing a... see more

Pags. 173 - 182  

S. M. Zinchenko,A. P. Ben,P. S. Nosov,I. S. Popovych,P. P. Mamenko,V. M. Mateichuk

Context. There were considered the issues of improving the accuracy and reliability of  automatic vessel motion control systems in conditions of large deviations in sensors measurements during maneuvering and failures of sensors and actuators. The ob... see more

Pags. 183 - 195  

O. V. Borovyk,R. V. Rachok,L. V. Borovyk,I. O. Basaraba

Context. Effective solution of a number of application problems related to transportation, as a rule, depends on the solution of two problems: the correct formation of the composition of the column of technique and the successful choice of the route of it... see more

Pags. 25 - 35  

V. A. Kodnyanko

Contex. Making managerial decisions is often associated with solving one-dimensional global optimization problems. The most important property of global optimization methods is their speed, which is determined by the number of calls to the objective funct... see more

Pags. 36 - 43  

N. D. Koshevoy,E. M. Kostenko,V. V. Muratov

Context. An application of the method of searching for schools of fish to construct optimal experiment plans for cost (time) in the study of technological processes and systems that allow the implementation of an active experiment on them is proposed.Obje... see more

Pags. 44 - 50  

I. V. Tereshchenko,A. I. Tereshchenko,S. V. Shtangey

Context. This paper presents a method for solving the problem of detecting and taking into account the influence of various (external and/or internal) factors on extreme and risky values of the multivariate observed parameters (covariates) of technologica... see more

Pags. 51 - 64  

V. N. Tarasov,N. F. Bakhareva

Context. The study of G/G/1 systems is related to their relevance in the modern theory of teletraffic and, therefore, in the theory of computing systems and networks. In turn, this follows from the fact that it is impossible to obtain solutions for the wa... see more

Pags. 65 - 74  

V. ?. Bezruk,N. ?. Kaliuznyi,Guo Qiang,Yu Zheng,I. ?. Nikolaev

Context. A solution to the relevance problem of selecting and recognizing specified radio emissions in the presence of unknown radio emissions in automated radio monitoring is considered. It is proposed to solve the problem in an unconventional method for... see more

Pags. 7 - 14  

V. V. Avramenko,V. M. Demianenko

Context. Recognizing the type of function regardless of its parameters is an urgent task. Objective. To develop methods for the operational quantitative measurement of deviations of the type of the analyzed function, representing the analyzed process... see more

Pags. 75 - 83  

K. E. Petrov,A. O. Deineko,O. V. Chala,I. Yu. Panf?rova

Context. The actual problem of constructing a mathematical model of a collective multi-criteria expert estimation of alternatives, which is an integral part of the automation of the intellectual decision-making process, has been solved. Objective. Th... see more

Pags. 84 - 94  

I. F. Povhan

Context. A general problem of constructing logical recognition/classification trees has been analyzed. Logical classification trees are the object of the present study. The subject of the study are the relevant methods and algorithms of logical classifica... see more

Pags. 95 - 105