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Number 57 Year 2019

10 articles in this issue 

Carolina A. Lizana, Álvaro G. Gutiérrez

The Valdivian Temperate Rainforest ecoregion is considered as one of the most relevant ecoregions in the world due to its biological importance. However, the native forests of this ecoregion have been historically subjected to anthropogenic disturbances, ... see more


Carina Petsch, Maria Eliza Sotille, Rafaela Mattos Costa, Katia Kellem da Rosa, Jefferson Cardia Simões

The objective of the article is to evaluate the variation of area and location of mosses in the Fildes Peninsula, Antarctica, using the NDVI technique and LANDSAT images, for the period 1986-2016, in the face of climate change scenarios. The NDVI techniqu... see more


Alexis Baltazar Fernández, Oliver Meseguer-Ruiz

This paper analyzes the spatial distribution of irregularity of daily rainfall in northern Chile (from 17° to 29° S), applying the concentration index (CI). The CI was calculated for a total of 161 meteorological stations, and for the period 1966 to 2015.... see more


Valentina Saavedra, Paulina Gatica

Chile, during the 1980’s and 1990’s, was widely highlighted by its ability to reduce the housing deficit. However, current statistics show that this control has lost its effectiveness in recent years, with a rise in the housing deficit and allegation, in ... see more


Dora Beatriz Palma Hernández, Francisco de la Barrera, Raúl Pineda López

Human activities have an impact on the environment and on the capacity of ecosystems to provide ecosystem services. In this research, ecosystem services of a periurban microbasin of Querétaro are evaluated and mapped in order to generate a panorama of the... see more


Jessica Aracelí Barría Meneses

This work considers environmental governance concepts applied to the indigenous consultation process in the Chilean environmental evaluation system (SEIA). The consequences of the inclusion of the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention (International La... see more


Víctor Damián Medina

The mobility turn has supposed the recognition of different situations from space inequality related to daily displacements in cities. The present article proposes to approach this type of asymmetry in San Carlos de Bariloche, a mountain tourist city wher... see more


Javiera Millaray Tapia Valenzuela

The subplinian phases of the Llaima volcano (Araucanía Region, Chile) represent a high risk for the population of the two closest human settlements: Melipeuco and Cherquenco. In this way, the main objective of this work is to calculate and analyze the vol... see more