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Volume 5 Number 2 Year 2020

8 articles in this issue 

Mariana Isabel Puente Riofrío,Kevin Giancarlo Solano Armijo

This research analyzes the effects of tax imposed on capital flight in the industrial import sector of Riobamba – Ecuador. The Ecuadorian government imposes taxes on capital flight to protect the economy from capital outflow. The aim of the research is to... see more

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Dyala de la O Cordero,David Urbano Pulido

The aim of this study is to analyze the content of research studies on female entrepreneurial activity, using the institutional economics as a theoretical framework. This paper shows how Latin America is study as a single region and, the topics are studie... see more

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Carlos Elder Maciel de Aquino,José Everardo Alves Pereira,José Odalio dos Santos,Alexandre Franco de Godoi,Fernando de Almeida Santos

The goal of the research is to analyze the stock returns of Cielo SA based upon its intraday data to capture the influence of relevant facts on the share price and trading volume, at the early hours after the disclosure. The Efficient Market Hypothesis (E... see more

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José Antonio Morales Castro

The article aims to analyze the behavior of the solvency rates of companies with monetary mismatches of the industrial sector of the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) during the exchange variations of 2007-2017. Six financial multiples were used to measure sol... see more

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Mónica Hernández-Madrigal

The objective of this paper is to identify the traditional and contemporary management accounting practices used in various research articles as a basis to carry out studies on current cost practices, comparing and contrasting expert criteria. By means of... see more

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Ruth Del Castillo Romo,Celina López-Mateo,Manuela Cañizarez-Espada

Productivity and competitivity of the enterprises in a region have a close relationship with labour market since public policies get to influence the different agents of the economy. The aim of this paper is to analyze the employment dynamics in the regio... see more

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Maria Luisa Saavedra Garcia,Maria Elena Camarena Adame

The objective of this research is to determine the intention of entrepreneurship of the students of Mexico City, and to establish whether there is a relationship with the characteristics of the students and their parents. A questionnaire validated by Liñá... see more

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Jorge Isaac Lechuga-Cardozo,Oswaldo Leyva-Cordero,Aleida Núñez-García

The objective of this article is to show the internationalization strategies of the artisan industry in Galapa (Colombia). Through a quantitative-descriptive, non-experimental, cross-sectional field study, a questionnaire was applied in a number handicraf... see more

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