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Volume 23 Number 3 Year 2027

8 articles in this issue 

Jeerati Ob-eye, Bunjerd Jongsomjit

This study focuses on the production of acetaldehyde from ethanol by catalytic dehydrogenation using Co/C catalysts with different Co loading on the activated carbon derived from coffee ground residues. The simple impregnation was used to obtain the Co/C ... see more

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Natthadabhorn Thanarattanasap, Praonapa Tumawong, Thipprapa Sinsawat, Ekrachan Chaichana, Bunjerd Jongsomjit

In this study, the polyethylene filled celluloses regarded as biocomposites was produced via in situ polymerization with zirconocene/MMAO catalyst. Three types of celluloses including microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), bacterial cellulose prepared from pin... see more

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Wiwat Prasertmanakit, Witaya Wannasuphoprasit

Motion simulators are widely used in several applications ranging from research to commercial training and entertainment in order to replicate real movement situation. These motions can be sensed by human perception organ called Central Nervous System (CN... see more

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Rony Kumer Saha, Yamazaki Kosuke

In this paper, we address two major issues regarding architectural migration of radio access network (RAN). Firstly, an overview and explicit interpretation of how different enabling technologies over generations are brought up and coordinated for migrati... see more

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Boonchai Sonthirongnachai, Arthit Petchsasithon

Loads from explosions differ from seismic and wind loads due to their greater severity, continuity, rapidity, and thermal extremity. That is, explosions cause massive structural damage by exposing surrounding structures to extremely high pressure and temp... see more

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Boonchai Sonthirongnachai, Arthit Petchsasithon

Loads from explosions can be classified as internal blast load and external blast load and these loads have great severity, continuity and rapidity. That is, explosions cause massive structural damage by exposing surrounding structures to extremely high p... see more

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Preecha Soparat, Nukul Suksuwan, Surangkana Trangkanont

The government policy for Thailand to be a logistics and transportation hub presents challenges to the Department of Rural Roads (DRR). The Bureau of Rural Roads (BRR) 11, 12, and 14 as the subsidiaries of the DRR have been enforced to reform their method... see more

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Gaël Serge Alain Robin, Anant K. Shukla, Romuald Jolivot

This paper presents a low-cost web controlled digital telescope which can benefit educational institutions. The system is composed of two webcams to acquire data. One is used as a wide field of view for localization purpose and the second one is used as a... see more

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