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Volume 14 Number 1 Year 2021

12 articles in this issue 

Louisa D. Jokia,Elana Swanepoel,Marius Venter

AbstractOrientation: In Tembisa, within the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, women sell woven baskets and traditional beaded accessories, trading informally. The baskets have both functional and aesthetic values, as they are used for interior decorat... see more


Riley Carpenter,Malilimalo Phaswana

AbstractOrientation: South Africa is a country where the vast majority of residents experience inequality, poverty and deprivation on a daily basis. For many black South Africans, their experience includes the expectation to financially support extended f... see more


Geoff A. Goldman,Jonathan Kruger

AbstractOrientation: Sound strategic management is vital for the longevity and sustainability of organisations. Yet, strategy execution remains problematic, in part due to prolific changes in the business environment.Research purpose: To explore the views... see more


Atanas Sixpence,Olufemi P. Adeyeye,Rajendra Rajaram

AbstractOrientation: Empirical knowledge regarding which financial statement variables are linked to firm value is critical for profitable equity investment.Research purpose: The study examines the impact of earnings before interest and taxes from continu... see more


Lize-Mari van Wyk,Nicolene Wesson

AbstractOrientation: Executive remuneration remains a controversial topic. A major concern is the perceived misalignment of executive remuneration with company performance. Key performance indicators (KPIs) represent the strategic focus areas that drive a... see more


Precious Mncayi,Kabelo Shuping

AbstractOrientation: South Africa’s continually growing unemployment rates appear to be acute if measured by means of labour absorption. The country’s labour continues to struggle being absorbed in the labour market, let alone finding good and sustainable... see more


Liam Hyland,Avani Sebastian,Yudhvir Seetharam

AbstractOrientation: Behavioural finance research suggests that human biases can cause irrationalities which have a significant impact on decision making. Discovery Bank is an organisation that attempts to apply behavioural finance to improve the financia... see more


Marelize Malan,Vanessa van Dyk

AbstractOrientation: Learning should be active, experiential and fun.Research purpose: This study investigated the perceptions of students regarding the development of pervasive skills within an undergraduate accounting syllabus.Motivation for the study: ... see more


Margaret R. Magwedere,Joseph Chisasa,Godfrey Marozva

AbstractOrientation: Access to and use of formal finance can be an epitome for poverty reduction in developing and transitional economies. Most of these economies experienced great growth in gross domestic product (GDP) compounded with exploding inequalit... see more


Clive E. Coetzee,Ewert P.J. Kleynhans

AbstractOrientation: Some recent studies have been published that demonstrated the value of remote sensing night-time lights as descriptors and/or proxies for human activity.Research purpose: This article investigated the association between night-time li... see more


Ronel J. Cassim,Matthys J. Swanepoel

AbstractOrientation: The effective and timely bankruptcy prediction is crucial to the survival of companies. In order to attain a desired result an effective bankruptcy prediction tool needs to be applied within a South African context.Research purpose: T... see more


Manamba Epaphra,Brenda P. Kiwia

AbstractBackground: Financial market participation is explained from the viewpoint of financial literacy, awareness, investors’ risk aversion, and cost of stock market participation but could not be successful. As a result, households’ lack of participati... see more