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Volume 9 Number 2 Year 2023

158 articles in this issue 

The government is trying to improve food distribution routes to underdeveloped, remote, outermost and border areas through the Sea Highway program. The purpose of this study was to analyze fluctuations and disparities in food prices in Tidore District, No... see more

Pags. 1484 - 1490  

Supplier performance plays an important role in ensuring the availability of supply goods that will affect the Serumah Kopi is a coffee shop that mainly sells coffee. Several marketing activities have been carried out to increase sales volume, but the sal... see more

Pags. 1491 - 1502  

Technology development applied to the retail food business, and more consumers accept the online shopping modes for daily needs become some of the factors supporting the development of digitally based food retail. However, the development of the digitally... see more

Pags. 1503 - 1514  

This research was conducted in Abbanuangnge Village, Pammana District, Wajo Regency, this research started from March 2022 to May 2022. The study population was 141 farmers from one P3A group. The purpose of this study was to determine the role and instit... see more

Pags. 1515 - 1530  

This study has directions to find out the factors that influence the natural tourism of Keban Agung Island on the economy in Semidang Aji District, OKU Regency.  This research method was carried out using a quantitative method in which the research u... see more

Pags. 1533 - 1540  

Evidence of development digital technology is with social media presence. The use of social media in the new normal era is still being carried out and carrying out other activities that were carried out before the pandemic. This study aims to determine th... see more

Pags. 1541 - 1550  

Raja Tape 31 agro-industry is a tape-processed agro-industry located in Nangkaan Village, Bondowoso Regency. It has a problem with decreasing sales volume due to the Covid-19 pandemic, while the price of cassava and its raw materials are getting expensive... see more

Pags. 1551 - 1567  

The Edelweiss Park agrotourism is a leading agrotourism developed as a tourist attraction in Karangasem Regency. The component of agro-tourism attraction is essential to note for the sustainability of Edelweiss Park agrotourism. Attributes are one of the ... see more

Pags. 1568 - 1579  

One area in West Java that has implemented an integrated farming system is Cibodas Village, Bandung Regency. Cibodas Village is the largest producer of cow's milk in Pasirjambu District. The initial problem faced by some farmers is the scarcity of forage ... see more

Pags. 1580 - 1598  

Indonesia is the country with the largest oil palm plantation in the world. One of the companies that manages oil palm plantations is PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) VIII Tambaksari afdeling sindangsari plantation, Subang. Before it became an oil palm plan... see more

Pags. 1599 - 1614  

ABSTRACT This study aims to analyze the income and feasibility of cayenne pepper farming in Kiritana Village, Kambera District, East Sumba Regency. The method of determining the research area was carried out by purposive sampling, which was determined del... see more

Pags. 1615 - 1621  

The demand for white oyster mushrooms increases every year because white oyster mushrooms are now one of the commodities that are being favored by the public. However, fluctuating production does not support the increased demand, so they still rely on imp... see more

Pags. 1622 - 1631  

The potential of Islamic boarding schools as one of the Islamic economic centers in Indonesia is important to continue to be empowered and developed, one of which is in the development of the agribusiness sector. Efforts to develop Islamic boarding school... see more

Pags. 1632 - 1652  

Supplier performance is an indicator that can be used as a first step for the supplier’s success in the relationship with customers in the future. Supplier with bad performance might disturb the business activity, whereas the good one would impact positiv... see more

Pags. 1653 - 1670  

Vanilla is a plantation crop commodity that has high economic value. As one of the world's vanilla-producing countries, Indonesia's vanilla production must maintain supply for the domestic consumption market and the world export market. The irony is while... see more

Pags. 1671 - 1686  

This study has directions to find out the relation to find out the relationship between rice agents and supply chain stakeholders in East Baturaja District. This research method was carried out using a quantitative method in which the research used Spearm... see more

Pags. 1687 - 1695  

Farmer corporations are farmer economic institutions with legal entities in the form of cooperatives, as well as farmer-owned enterprises (BUMP) in the form of limited liability company (PT) or trading enterprises (UD), with most of the capital ownership ... see more

Pags. 1696 - 1707  

The purpose of this study was to identify the role of women in freshwater fish farming households. The research was carried out in Sumbersari Village, Metro Selatan District with consideration as a center for freshwater fisheries in Metro City in November... see more

Pags. 1708 - 1718  

Direct selling involves the process of communicating products and the ability of the sales force to build trust, fulfil special requests, anticipate customer desires, make offers so buyers have an interest in buying the products offered. Direct selling ha... see more

Pags. 1719 - 1733  

Honey is a natural sweet substance or comes from nectar and is produced by honey bees which has many health benefits. Indonesia has natural wealth and great potential for beekeeping because there are 6 out of 7 species of bees in the world so that the pro... see more

Pags. 1734 - 1751  

Maize production in Lenteng Timur Village fluctuates every year with an average decrease of 38%. The decline indicates that there are problems faced by farmers in running their farms. The purpose of this research is to identify risk events and risk source... see more

Pags. 1752 - 1770  

Agricultural sector has a high level of risk and uncertainty caused by climate change, pest and disease attacks, floods, droughts, and price fluctuations. Includes the risk dan uncertainty of rice farming. As a risk management efforts, the government offi... see more

Pags. 1771 - 1781  

Chili is one of the horticultural commodities that have high economic value and very volatile . Red chili production is concentrated on the islands of Sumatra and Java. When there is an imbalance in supply and consumption, it causes parts of Indonesia to ... see more

Pags. 1782 - 1793  

The agricultural sector is still one of the biggest pillars of the economy in developing countries, one of which is Indonesia. Even so, the income of rural farmers in Indonesia is still low (an average of 1 million/month), which has an impact on low capit... see more

Pags. 1794 - 1818  

The aim of this research is to analyze the added value and diversification index as well as the factors that influence the level of product diversification. The research was conducted in Southeast Maluku Regency. The research sample is cassava enbal agroi... see more

Pags. 1819 - 1832  

The socio-economic condition of farmers is the position or position of farmers in society related to internal factors or level of education, type of work, number of family members, and land ownership. Income can be used as an indicator in determining the ... see more

Pags. 1833 - 1843  

Seblak is a typical and contemporary food originating from Bandung, West Java, made from crackers cooked with vegetables along with eggs and other spicy flavors. In its development seblak became food that can be enjoyed by many people. This study aims to ... see more

Pags. 1844 - 1857  

Indonesia's potential in the halal industry is currently very calculated, because Indonesia is a country with the largest Muslim population in the world. This role should not only be seen as a mere captive market but must also encourage the growth of the ... see more

Pags. 1858 - 1878  

Increasing rice productivity is closely related to the ability of farmers to efficiently allocate various factors of production so that they can maximize their potential in agricultural activities. Farmers are considered technically efficient when the opt... see more

Pags. 1879 - 1890  

CV.Wolffia Agro Indonesia is an agriculture business with the commodity of green deli honey guava fruit. Guava fruit has a fairly wide market potential and high selling value because it does not have a business development strategy. The purpose of the stu... see more

Pags. 1891 - 1903  

Efforts to maintain work safety are carried out to increase employee productivity and reduce costs due to work accidents. PT Bumitama Gunajaya Agro has implemented an occupational health and safety management system in production activities including harv... see more

Pags. 1904 - 1919  

The Covid-19 pandemic that occurred has caused many economic setbacks in the world, one of the fields that has been greatly affected, namely culinary. This is due to large-scale social restrictions set by the government. Culinary UMKM are one of the busin... see more

Pags. 1920 - 1928  

Islamic boarding schools are the oldest Islamic educational institutions in Indonesia which were founded by scholars. Islamic boarding schools were established in order to educate people to understand and implement Islamic teachings by emphasizing the imp... see more

Pags. 1929 - 1946  

This study has directions to find out the factors that influence the selling price of rubber in Kebunjati Village, Semidang Aji District, OKU Regency. This research method was carried out using a quantitative method in which the research used multiple lin... see more

Pags. 1947 - 1953  

This study aims to find out what factors influence farmers' decisions in land conversion and how farmers' income after land conversion. The method used in this study is the case study method, the sample units are farmers who are still growing coffee and f... see more

Pags. 1954 - 1965  

This study has the aim of knowing the income contribution of housewives who are SMEs of Kampung Kuliner Talang Bandung and the comparison of family income after and before joining Kampung Kuliner. The method used is the survey method. Data collection usin... see more

Pags. 1966 - 1971  

The level of productivity is a requirement for determining the parameters of a company's success in facing business competition and increasing company revenue. This study aims to analyze the productivity of the sugarcane cutting workforce and what are the... see more

Pags. 1972 - 1986  

Corn is one of the important agricultural commodities for the community. Corn has benefits, namely for food, feed, fuel and industrial raw materials. Animal feed made from shelled corn is a promising potential. One area that develops shelled corn is Bandu... see more

Pags. 1987 - 1998  

Labor as a factor of production affects production costs where an increase in labor productivity can lead to higher production. The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of spiritual intelligence and other factors on labor productivity in c... see more

Pags. 1999 - 2007  

Purchases of coffee beverages have increased partly due to the needs of people with high mobility and the new habits of WFH during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the non-cash payment system in Indonesia has also increased quite rapidly through the Ca... see more

Pags. 2008 - 2026  

This study aims to determine the production factors that influence rainfed rice production in Kotabaru Village, Martapura District, OKU Timur Regency. The implementation of this research was carried out in December 2022-February 2023. The research method ... see more

Pags. 2027 - 2037  

Corn is an agricultural commodity that has an important role as food and feed. The demand for corn which continues to increase in line with the continued development of the food and feed industry indicates the large role of corn in the growth of the food ... see more

Pags. 2038 - 2047  

“Buruan SAE" Mang Oded is one of the "Buruan SAE" urban farming groups as a program promoted by the Bandung City Agriculture and Food Security to solve the problem of food availability. In its development, "Buruan SAE" Mang Oded faced obstacles, there are... see more

Pags. 2048 - 2061  

ABSTRACTThis study aims to determine alternative strategies in developing soybean processing businesses in CV. Intan Alami Garut Regency through SWOT analysis and QSPM analysis. The method used in this study is a qualitative method using primary data thro... see more

Pags. 2062 - 2073  

Utilization of information technology that is increasingly accessible is one of the strategies for entrepreneurs to market their products. YourGood business is one of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by presenting smoothies yogurt products and usin... see more

Pags. 2074 - 2085  

Food security is a concept that describes the security level of stability of food availability, food accessibility, food consumption quality, and food continuity in one area. Household income is one of the most influential factors in order to fulfill the ... see more

Pags. 2086 - 2101  

This study aims to analyze the factors that influence the demand for medium rice in the East Baturaja Traditional Market, Ogan Komering Ulu District. The implementation of this research was carried out from December to February 2023. The research method w... see more

Pags. 2102 - 2110  

Indonesia as an agricultural country still focuses on its development in the agricultural sector, especially in rural areas. Labor in the agricultural sector, especially in rural areas, involves all human resources in the family, including women. This is ... see more

Pags. 2111 - 2118  

Technological developments encourage producers to trade online using the internet as a marketplace, one of which is the Haskamelang Rice Store which sells BHO on Tokopedia. The research objectives are 1). describe the characteristics of consumers who buy ... see more

Pags. 2119 - 2136  

Cashew is one of the plantation commodities which is quite important as a contributor to the foreign exchange. Cashew                       ... see more

Pags. 2137 - 2148  

1000 Kebun Community is an organic community based in Bandung that aims to live a healthy life and care for the environment. The identity that is built on community members may not always be the main thing because many considerations are made by consumers... see more

Pags. 2149 - 2163  

This study aims to determine the factors that influence rubber farmers in Bumi Say Agung Village, Bumi Agung District, Way Kanan Regency. This research method was carried out using a quantitative method in which the research used multiple linear regressio... see more

Pags. 2164 - 2175  

Kebun Village is one of the villages located in Kamal District, Bangkalan Regency The characteristics of the land in this village are dry land, so it is necessary to match the commodities to be developed with the characteristics of the existing land. The ... see more

Pags. 2176 - 2187  

Tea is one of the plantation commodities in Indonesia which has a production ranking in the top 10 in the world according to FAO data (2022). However, according to data from the Central Statistics Agency, tea exports in Indonesia have decreased in the las... see more

Pags. 2188 - 2199  

In the midst of unstable rubber prices, rubber farm laborers in Baturaden Village still depend on the wage system that is applied. There are two categories of wage systems, the first 1:1 and 1:2. Of course there is a classification in determining the two ... see more

Pags. 2200 - 2213  

The purpose of this study is to analyze the strategy for developing tofu micro, small and medium enterprises in an effort to increase income in Karya Makmur Village, Madang Suku III District, East Oku Regency and to find out the obstacles that affect incr... see more

Pags. 2214 - 2224  

Utilization of lebak swamp land for rice production is one of the government's efforts to increase rice production in East Lampung Regency. Rice farming carried out on lebak swampland has a greater risk than the risk for rice farming carried out on paddy ... see more

Pags. 2225 - 2233  

The pattern of demand and the characteristics of rice-based SMEs are closely related. This is because the pattern of demand for SME rice is a pattern that describes the need for SME rice and can influence the decisions of SME entrepreneurs in managing the... see more

Pags. 2234 - 2248  

Vegetables sold online make consumers unable to see and experience the organic vegetables directly, this causes consumers to be uncertain whether the product can meet their expectations. This shows that there is doubt to buy online, especially when buying... see more

Pags. 2249 - 2264  

Red chili is one of horticultural commodities that has high economic value, so it is widely cultivated by farmers. In the cultivation process, farmers often face risks and uncertainties. Production risk is one of the risks that must be faced by red chili ... see more

Pags. 2265 - 2278  

The rapid development of technology makes the world seem to be without barriers. The internet is one of the technological developments that has been utilized by companies to become a medium of trade and buying and selling. This development is also followe... see more

Pags. 2279 - 2293  

This research has directions to find out the stages of the consumer decision-making process in purchasing premium rice, and how consumer preferences relate to rice attributes in purchasing premium rice in the Modern Market of Baturaja City. This research ... see more

Pags. 2294 - 2306  

This study aims to determine the factors that influence the interest in entrepreneurship in the agribusiness field of Baturaja University students. This research method was carried out using quantitative methods in which the research used binary logistic ... see more

Pags. 2307 - 2315  

The COVID-19 pandemic has suppressed all aspects of life, but opportunities have opened up in the economic sector, namely the increase in the use of e-commerce. West Java is the province that has the highest e-commerce transactions. The food ingredient ca... see more

Pags. 2316 - 2333  

Online groceries X does marketing through social media Instagram to reach consumers. However, communication between consumers on Instagram online groceries X Instagram is still low. The study's objectives are 1) to describe the characteristics of consumer... see more

Pags. 2334 - 2346  

CV Salama Nusantara is a company that produces mahkota dewa tea using main ingredients such as dried mahkota dewa, green tea, and parasite of tea. The quantity of mahkota dewa tea raw material purchased in 2022 has fluctuated due to supply chain problems ... see more

Pags. 2347 - 2359  

The development and growth of coffee shops has become very rapid, espescially in the city of Cirebon with different characteristics and with various consumer preferences. This study aims to determine the characteristics of coffee shop consumer in Cirebon ... see more

Pags. 2360 - 2369  

Gedong gincu mango is one of tropical fruit plants produced in Majalengka Regency. Kadipaten traditional market in Majalengka Regency is the center of Gedong gincu mango commodity. During the decision-makingaprocess, consumersawill choose fruits according... see more

Pags. 2370 - 2383  

This study has directions to find out the factors that influence consumer decisions to purchase packaged cooking oil and bulk cooking oil in the Kelurahan Sepancar Lawang Kulon. This research method was carried out using a quantitative method where the re... see more

Pags. 2384 - 2393  

This study has directions to find out the factors that influence the demand for shelled corn (hybrid) in OKU Regency. This research method was carried out using a quantitative method in which the research used multiple linear regression analysis. Data was... see more

Pags. 2394 - 2401  

The formulation of the problem in this study is what factors influence the decision to buy pempek in the Baturaja market. So the author wants to examine more deeply about the factors that influence the decision to continue buying pempek in the Baturaja ma... see more

Pags. 2402 - 2407  

This study has the aim of knowing whether the existence of a culinary village in Talang Bandung has an impact on the social and economy of the community and whether before and after the existence of a culinary village in Talang Bandung has had an impact o... see more

Pags. 2408 - 2420  

The business world, such as the retail business, has an important role in breaking the chain of spread of the COVID-19 virus because of the large population, mobility, and interaction between people, so this must be anticipated so that the spread of the v... see more

Pags. 2421 - 2430  

The aims of this study were (1) to analyze the factors that influence cayenne pepper production and (2) allocative efficiency of cayenne pepper production in Banyuputih District, Situbondo Regency. The research was conducted on farmers who are members of ... see more

Pags. 2431 - 2442  

The aim of this study was to identify the important factors that influence the development of a natural herbal tea production business from Moringa oleifera leaves in Tanjung Ara Village, Tanah Jambo Aye District, North Aceh District. This study uses the ... see more

Pags. 2443 - 2454  

The research aims to find out the level of utilization of information technology by Field Agricultural Extension and analyze the influence of information technology utilization by Field Agricultural Extension on the Function of BPP as a Learning Center. T... see more

Pags. 2455 - 2467  

The exotic fruit that became the pride of farmers as an additional family income in Tanah Merah and Langsar villages is a srikaya fruit that is in great demand by Madurese people and outside the region because the texture, taste, and aroma are better than... see more

Pags. 2468 - 2480  

Ayam Goreng Sari Laut (AGSL) is very familiar as fast food for urban consumers. This study aims to estimate the effect of taste and perceived price on AGSL repurchase. Using a survey method of 285 consumers as a sample. The variables measured are taste (X... see more

Pags. 2481 - 2495  

Regional transformative adaptation due to a changing climate needs to be done. Due to low production, climate change has complex effects on rural communities, especially farmers' incomes. Analysis of the level of technical risk of lowland rice farming in ... see more

Pags. 2496 - 2515  

Fish as a perishable food so that it can be consumed in good conditions requires efforts to maintain its freshness through the application of a cold chain (ice) system and also processing. Fish processing aims to increase the added value of fish raw mater... see more

Pags. 2516 - 2527  

Upaya Khusus Padi Jagung dan Kedelai program (Upsus Pajale) is one of the efforts to support self-sufficiency in rice, corn and soybeans in Indonesia. In East Sumba Regency, the implementation of the program is by breeding paddy rice seeds in Kawangu Vill... see more

Pags. 2528 - 2545  

East Java is one of the provinces that contributes the largest rice production in Indonesia. The Provincial Government of East Java is committed to realizing self-sufficiency in food by increasing rice production. As an effort to increase the amount of ri... see more

Pags. 2546 - 2555  

The research aims to analyze the income of com farmers in Gorontalo Regency and compare the income of corn farmers before and after joining the READSI (Rural Empowerment and Agricultural Development Scalling-up Initiative) program. The sample was determin... see more

Pags. 2556 - 2569  

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused some food businesses to experience a decline in sales; where the pandemic occurred, and the enactment of the lockdown rules made a business suffer losses. However, it is different from the "Puja Rasa" tempe chip craftsmans... see more

Pags. 2570 - 2584  

Coffee is one of leading export commodities in Indonesia. Banjarnegara is one of the regencies in Central Java that has been increase coffee production, particularly the type of coffee grown in the Dieng Mountains. Farmers in the Dieng Mountains have not ... see more

Pags. 2585 - 2593  

Corn (Zea mays L.) is one of the main food crops in Indonesia and globally. Currently, corn has developed into functional food ingredients, emergency food ingredients, and industrial raw materials in the form of various products. This resulted in an incre... see more

Pags. 2594 - 2605  

The implementation of this research is to answer three questions, including: (1) measuring the score of the Food Security Index (IKP) in the Besuki Residency, (2) mapping the distribution of priority areas for food insecurity in the Besuki Residency, and ... see more

Pags. 2606 - 2628  

ABSTRACTTomatoes are one of the fruit commodities that can grow in the lowlands and highlands. However, the high water content makes tomatoes unable to last for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to diversify tomatoes in order to have a higher sellin... see more

Pags. 2629 - 2641  

PT Galih Estetika Indonesia is the first company in Indonesia engaged in processing sweet potatoes with the main product being pasta. This study aims to describe the STP strategy, marketing mix and marketing constraints of sweet potato paste products at P... see more

Pags. 2642 - 2662  

Organic fertilizer is a fertilizer that is often used by farmers. The need for organic fertilizer is experiencing rapid growth, because of the potential use of this organic fertilizer to maintain soil fertility and can improve plant quality. The Sustainab... see more

Pags. 2663 - 2674  

The current global era is the competitiveness of various business actors in facing market competition, where every producer, especially SMEs must not only create quality and innovative products, but also be able to compete in the market with other busines... see more

Pags. 2675 - 2686  

Sukajadi Village has the most extensive agricultural land compared to other villages that has high agricultural potential compared to other villages. However, the average farmer still uses conventional farming systems. This can be overcome a little by the... see more

Pags. 2687 - 2698  

Partnerships in the agricultural sector should provide benefits for the partnering parties, especially farmers with small-scale farming conditions that have limited capital, narrow land tenure, and use of simple agricultural tools. This study aims to desc... see more

Pags. 2699 - 2710  

This study aims to determine the factors influencing tourist visits during the Covid-19 pandemic. The sampling method was selected purposively at Taman Seribu Bunga Agrotourism County 1, Raya, Berastagi District, Karo Regency, North Sumatra Province. This... see more

Pags. 2711 - 2723  

Many people consume broiler chicken meat because it is a type of animal protein source. In order to investigate the factors influencing consumer decisions to purchase broiler carcass meat at Pasar Cibinong in Bogor Regency, this study set out to identify ... see more

Pags. 2724 - 2733  

This study aims to analyze the relationship between farmer characteristics and income of paddy rice farming with a rainfed irrigation system in Mandahu Village, Katala Hamu Lingu District, East Sumba Regency. Research activities were carried out from Octo... see more

Pags. 2734 - 2745  

Productivity of Cap Jago soy sauce at PT Ahon Janata Haurda is still low and spread in Pangandaran Regency and its surroundings. In addition, requests are not always fulfilled on time. Various risks that exist in production activities are the cause of the... see more

Pags. 2746 - 2757  

Cayenne pepper is a horticultural commodity that affects the inflation rate. This study aims to determine the value chain and value added to chili commodities in East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province, so that potential increases and value distr... see more

Pags. 2758 - 2768  

This study aims to determine how the influence of leading agribusiness development in efforts to reduce poverty in the Pidie district. This research was conducted in March 2023. There were 74 samples from a population of 3,717 leading commodity farmers in... see more

Pags. 2769 - 2776  

One of the largest tea producers in Indonesia is the province of West Java, with a percentage of 69.59% of the total national production of 129 thousand tons in 2019 spread across various garden locations with different conditions. This is interesting to ... see more

Pags. 2777 - 2786  

The value chain for the development of orchid commodities at PT Anugerah Anggrek Nusantara has several obstacles, namely the agro-climate that does not support orchid cultivation, low technological innovation, and limited stock availability so that consum... see more

Pags. 2787 - 2798  

The more packaged cooking oil products that are spread and available in the market, it is not certain that there will be cooking oil products that suit the wishes and preferences of consumers. This study aims to identify consumer characteristics, determin... see more

Pags. 2799 - 2813  

The economy, including micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) actors who significantly contribute to enhancing people's welfare and the national GDP, will always be the subject of discussion. The necessity of developing Lynda Snack SMEs in a wa... see more

Pags. 2814 - 2827  

Terubuk is an indigenous vegetable or local vegetable from Karawang Regency. The purpose of this study, to analyze financial feasibility of farm income terubuk in the village of Cintalaksana Tegalwaru District, Karawang regency. This research is a quantit... see more

Pags. 2828 - 2835  

Promoting the development of kepok banana plantations is an effort to strengthen domestic food security and significantly contribute to the economy. The main objective of this research is to offer several strategies for developing kepok banana plantations... see more

Pags. 2836 - 2848  

Excelsa coffee in Wonosalam Subdistrict in terms of profit is still not equal to Arabica and Robusta coffee so there needs to be a development strategy. The purpose of this research is to formulate a business development strategy for Excelsa coffee in Won... see more

Pags. 2849 - 2859  

Consumers in this third marketing era want quality product conditions and a pleasant coffee shop atmosphere. The barista can create both of these conditions. This study aims to analyze the barista's influence on the coffee shop's atmosphere through produc... see more

Pags. 2860 - 2883  

Adanya fluktuasi penjualan produk keripik singkong diduga karena konsumen yang tidak loyal cenderung mencari produk yang lebih baik dari produk pesaing. Dengan berorientasi pada penerapan kualitas bauran pemasaran dan loyalitas konsumen diharapkan penjual... see more

Pags. 2884 - 2899  

Women Farmers Group (KWT) Rereongan (KWT-R) is included in the best KWT in Indonesia. However, in its development, KWT Rereongan faced various problems that disturbed its dynamics. This study aims to analyze group dynamics and social problems in KWT Rereo... see more

Pags. 2900 - 2910  

Coconut palm is a plantation commodity with high economic value; almost all parts can be utilized. One of them is coconut sap. Coconut sap is a clear liquid with a sweet taste produced from coconut flower bunches. If sold in raw form, coconut sa... see more

Pags. 2911 - 2923  

An integrated agricultural system is a combined system of several agricultural sub-sectors that form a symbiotic-mutualism chain between one commodity and another that synergizes with each other. The development of an integrated agricultural system needs ... see more

Pags. 2924 - 2937  

Marketing distribution describes the distribution chain of a commodity from producers to final consumers to an area that involves a trading activity. The more marketing agencies that are involved in the marketing of products, the lower the price that will... see more

Pags. 2938 - 2947  

The purpose of this research are; (1) to find out the oil palm nursery process at PT. Rebinmas Jaya; (2) for. know. How many. cost of oil palm nurseries, BEP (break event point), and sensitivity analysis at PT. Rebinmas Jaya; (3) to determine the cost eff... see more

Pags. 2948 - 2962  

Had been carried out regarding influence of brand awareness, electronic word of mouth and digital marketing funnel on buying decision of fruits through e-grocery. Respondents were determined using the sample method. The sample size was 100 people taken fr... see more

Pags. 2963 - 2975  

This study aims to identify entrepreneurship's various strengths and weaknesses in agricultural youth. Furthermore, this study also aims to use the strengths to minimize the various negative impacts of the weaknesses of young farmers to help form a produc... see more

Pags. 2976 - 2990  

The national economy benefits significantly from the horticulture sub-sector. Biopharmaceutical plants are plants in the horticulture sub-sector which have various advantages. Ginger is a plant that has long been used for biopharmaceuticals as an export p... see more

Pags. 2991 - 3006