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Volume 8 Number 1 Year 2022

45 articles in this issue 

Prisman Andri Lesmana Sihombing,Maman Haeruman Karmana,Ernah Ernah

One of the important factors in increasing consumption of palm oil in Indonesia is because palm oil is the main ingredient for making cooking oil. The purpose of this study is to describe the factors that can affect the implementation of sustainability ce... see more

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Agus Hudoyo,Tri Tarsita Aprilyano

The increased number of coffee shops has led to increasingly fierce competition. A coffee shop needs to provide the best service so customers are satisfied if the performance of service attributes are considered important according to customer expectation... see more

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Fembriarti Erry Prasmatiwi,Ktut Murniati,Renardi Iswara

Cassava farming in Central Lampung Regency has lower productivity than its potential. Low productivity is one of the essential farming indicators that are not efficient yet. This study investigates the income level of cassava farming, technical efficiency... see more

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Sasvia Ayu Puzianti,Totok Pujianto,Roni Kastaman

Quality control is a basic thing that needs to be applied by an organization, agency, or company to produce services or products that can meet consumer needs. Defects that may occur in a production can cause gradual losses for the company. 4 of the 5 attr... see more

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Febryanna Savitri,Bayu Nuswantara

Currently online shopping is becoming a populer way among the public, this can be seen by the development of the process of buying and selling vegetables online that makes it easier for consumers to buy vegetables. Consumers can shop anytime and anywhere ... see more

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Wella Tessalonika Ambarita,Nur Syamsiyah,Trisna Insan Noor,Sulistyodewi Nur Wiyono

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a medicinal plant that has many health benefits. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for ginger in the market has increased. Therefore, ginger production must be increased to supply consumer demand. High production is ... see more

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Dinda Sahara,Abubakar Abubakar,Luthfi Nur'azkiya

The Karawang Regency is one of the rice barns in West Java. Apart from having an agricultural area of 94,231 hectares, this district also contributes to the rice produced by the Province of West Java. Since 2018, the harvested area and yield of rice produ... see more

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Nadila Indarwati,Ahmad Choibar Tridakusumah

Karamatwangi village is one of the coffee-producing centers in The Cisurupan Garut District. Arabica coffee production in this village should be highlighted, especially they are well known in national and international markets. Problems faced by coffee fa... see more

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Anisyananda Pauza,Susy Edwina,Eliza Eliza

The purpose of this study was to analyze the income of pineapple farming, analyze pineapple marketing, and formulate the potential and constraints in meeting the availability of pineapple throughout the year in Kualu Pineapple Village. This research was c... see more

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Ferdinand Mangutu Kiki,Elfis Umbu katongu Retang,Junaedin Wadu

This studi aims to determine the role of farmer groups on the income of rice farmers in the technical irigation area Kambera District East Sumba Regency. This research was conducted for 2 months from may to july 2021. The data used in this study are prima... see more

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Gema Wibawa Mukti,Rani Andriani Budi Kusumo

This paper aims to explore how social networks provide farmers with access to resources, understanding the extent to which farmers with agricultural and non-agricultural backgrounds build their business networks. The research methodology is qualitative. D... see more

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Gema Wibawa Mukti,Dini Rochdiani,Iwan Setiawan

Entrepreneurship is an important issue in Indonesia because it is considered to be able to overcome various development problems, such as creating new jobs and supporting the realization of economic growth. The purpose of this study is to determine the fa... see more

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Insan Pebruwandi Saragih,Elfis Umbu Katongu Retang

Extension in agriculture is a policy tool used by the government in an effort to encourage agricultural development. However, on the other hand, farmers have the freedom, namely to accept or reject the program offered in extension activities, so it can be... see more

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Adhiana Adhiana,Martina Martina,Riani Riani,Suryadi Suryadi

Red chili is one of the leading commodities that has high economic value, it is also much needed and in demand by the community. However, the production and productivity of red chilies in Sawang District, North Aceh Regency is still low at 5.53 tons/ha, c... see more

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Achmad Faqih

The success of farmers in managing their farming, especially shallot plants is largely determined by the competence of farmers in conducting onion cultivation, because competence is a basic trait of a person which is itself related to the implementation o... see more

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Bunga Ega Evania,Roni Kastaman,Totok Pujianto

The internet offers many benefits for small and medium businesses to increase the marketing of their products. One of the rapidly developing internet technologies that have the potential to encourage small and medium business marketing is social media. Ro... see more

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Indah Setiawati,Bambang Soemanto,Yudi Syahrullah,Indah Widyarini

Waste cooking is a vegetable oil that can be processed into laundry soap products. Business opportunities based on waste cooking soap that are environmentally friendly need to be researched. This study aims to create an environmentally friendly laundry so... see more

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Vini Aisyah Aminingrum,Ahmad Choibar Tridakusumah

This study aims to analyze the effect of social capital on the productivity of coffee farmers at LMDH Karamat Jaya, Cisurupan District, Garut Regency. This research design uses quantitative research with survey methods, and uses Multiple Linear Regression... see more

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Nurul Risti Mutiarasari,Yogi Nirwanto

Availability of organic waste has attracted the community as a business opportunity to utilize organic waste. One of the uses of organic waste that is carried out is as a growing medium and feed in the cultivation of black soldier fly (BSF) or maggot feed... see more

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Yuyun Sasmita,Campina Illa Prihantini,Nursalam Nursalam,Musoffan Musoffan,Darwis Darwis

Jumiang tourist area is a one of the top tourist attraction in Pamekasan Regency, East Java. This area consists of beaches and hills that have a distinctive natural beauty. The research analyses the development strategy of of Jumiang tourist area as a nau... see more

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Kiki Sasmita,Abubakar Abubakar,Luthfi Nur’azkiya

Mushroom is one of the leading vegetable commodities that are widely cultivated in Karawang Regency. The aims of this study were 1) to determine the risks faced by mushroom farmers and how the risks to production, prices and incomes 2) farmers' perception... see more

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Ivan Sayid Nurahman,Rian Kurnia,Saepul Aziz

FAO as an international institution that focuses on food and agriculture issues in the world has ordered since the end of 2019 regarding the potential for the global food crisis that occurs in the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a major concern for Indonesia, ... see more

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Wachidatus Sa'adah

Lamongan Regency is an area that has the potential to produce fishery products. If the availability of fish is abundant in the market, it will not be sold out, and it will cause losses. Fish is a food that is easily damaged (rotten). Therefore, so that fi... see more

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Muhammad Arifin Fattah,Sri Mardiyati

Shallots are horticulture crops that are derived from vegetable commodities that have been intensively farmed for a long period by farmers. This commodity is a source of income and job opportunities that makes a significant contribution to regional econom... see more

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Agung Muhammad Firdaus,Achmad Firman,Anita Fitriani

The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of location, product completeness, and price, either partially or simultaneously on purchasing decisions for beef products and their derivatives. The research method was a survey of 42 respondents using... see more

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Jamilah Jamilah,Mawardati Mawardati,Ghazali Syamni

Oil palm as a leading export commodity in Aceh Province in its development faces obstacles both at the cultivation and post-harvest and marketing levels which will determine the income and welfare of farmers. This study aims to analyze the contribution of... see more

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Mochammad Husnul Yaqin,Amam Amam,Supardi Rusdiana,Agus Sholehul Huda

Indonesian society has a dependence on the livestock sector, because livestock can meet the needs of animal protein needed by humans as a food source, therefore the livestock sector is very important for human survival. The novelty of the research is to f... see more

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Chiquitita Qinthar Azura,Iwan Setiawan

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a form of management defined by an ethical and transparent relationship between the company and all stakeholders (relevant parties) in the form of community development, environmental and cultural preservation for ... see more

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Asriani Asriani,Dhian Herdhiansyah,Nurcayah Nurcayah

The government's program on food security needs to get support through the application of appropriate technology in the agricultural sector. Hydroponics is an agricultural vegetable cultivation technology that needs to be developed in an effort to increas... see more

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Fitri Awaliyah,Ane Novianty

The purpose of this study was to analyze the socio-economic relationship of farmers consisting of age, farming experience and land area to watermelon farming income. The research was conducted in Cikadu Village, Cikalong District, Tasikmalaya Regency. Thi... see more

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Ane Novianty,Fitri Awaliyah

The land is the most important factor of production because the remuneration received by land is higher than other factors of production. The narrowing of land ownership, causing farmers to get smaller profits. This study aims to analyze the effect of lan... see more

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Rahma Dini,Mega Amelia Putri,John Nefri

The Gunuang Ameh Siam orange (JESIGO) marketing system has complex problems, both in terms of price and non-price. The condition of the relatively high price of oranges (69.23%) compared to other types of oranges has resulted in uncompetitive orange marke... see more

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Tasya Maulida Hermansyah,Kuswarini Kusno

The trend of consumption of organic vegetables in urban areas is increasing. Warung Sehat 1000 Kebun Bandung is one of the organic vegetable marketers in Bandung. The number of competitors and ensuring the availability of organic vegetables according to c... see more

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Rusmawati - Utami,Abubakar Abubakar,I Putu Eka Wijaya

Karawang Regency has potential in coffee production, this is shown by the increase in land area in 2018 and 2019 by 0.024 ha with a production value of 207.20 tons in the same year with a productivity value of 0.50 Karawang compared to the Pangandaran are... see more

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Yanuba Cahya Ramadhanti,Resti Prastika Destiarni,Dewi Muti’ah

Pamekasan Regency is one of the areas on the island of Madura which has potential in the field of production and development of traditional herbal medicine. However, until now, the existence of traditional herbal medicine SMEs in Pamekasan has been carrie... see more

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Rohematus Solehah,Resti Prastika Destiarni,Dewi Muti’ah

Madura is not only known as a center for the production of salt and tobacco commodities, but this famous dry island is also famous for its traditional herbal medicine ingredients. Pamekasan is a district that is famous for its processed biopharmaceuticals... see more

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Iman Trisman,M. Munandar Sulaeman,Marina Sulistyati

The research was aimed to investigate business of development of livestock product based on animal population and institutional business. The research was conducted using Mix method namely quantitave and qualitative method. Quantitative method was used to... see more

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Roosganda Elizabeth

Sovereignty, security and household food defense are defined as the entire population obtaining and being able to consume sufficient food in quantity, quality, nutritious and affordable. The poverty and hunger alleviation policy program is closely related... see more

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Ade Ramnah,Nur Syamsiah,Agriani Hermita Sadeli,Lucyana Trimo

The horticulture sub-sector is an agricultural sub-sector that has an important role in the growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and has enormous potential to be developed in Indonesia. Broccoli is one of the vegetables that has very rapid productivity ... see more

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Roosganda Elizabeth

Degradation and forest damage that happened effect and illegal logging, and governmental policy failure effect in forest resource management. The failure made legitimation power base by for the sake of development project, although the loss of biggest eth... see more

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Dhifa Prilia Purnomo,Trisna Insan Noor,Eliana Wulandari,Lucyana Trimo

Covid-19 is an outbreak that originated in Wuhan, China and spread to Indonesia. The spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia is happening so fast and the development of positive cases in Indonesia is increasing every day until 2021. The Indonesian Ministry of Hea... see more

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Carolus Oktavius Rudianto Laim,Liska Simamora

This research aims to analyze the production inputs (production capital, seeds, land area, labor, fertilizer, pesticide) that affect production and farming feasibility toward the productivity of rice field farming in Wonotoro Kecamatan Sambi Boyolali vill... see more

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Mai Fernando Nainggolan,Iwan Setiawan,Trisna Insan Noor,Tualar Simarmata,Kustiwa Adinata,Silke Stoeber

Although organic farming, one of which is organic rice, many benefits and positive effects have been mentioned, if we observe the development, it has not yet reached its maximum production. The purpose of this study was to describe the performance of the ... see more

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