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Number Edición Especial/Special Issue - Enero/January (2 Year 2021

4 articles in this issue 

Alex Abelardo Pacheco Pumaleque, Nestor Cuba Carbajal, Miriam Viviana Ñañez Silva, Liz Beni Pacheco Pumaleque

Today’s tourism environment is increasingly competitive, so strategic management is a fundamental process that every company must implement to evaluate the business, define goals, develop strategies and identify resources for their realization. Due to the... see more

Pags. 17 - 31  

Miriam Viviana Ñañez Silva, Rosario Blanca Pariona Luque, Julio Cesar Quispe Calderón, Hernan Diaz Rengifo

To achieve success and achieve quality learning, the integral functioning of the processes of educational institutions must be developed, organized and evaluated, but there is a significant gap where the directive management is out of focus with the fulfi... see more

Pags. 33 - 45  

Alex Abelardo Pacheco Pumaleque, Ivan Robles Fernandez, Dany Dorian Isuiza Perez, Marco Antonio Añaños Bedriñana

The way of consuming information and the way we communicate is evolving thanks to advances in technology, the digital transformation breaks new ground in the tourism sector when communicating its services, offers and messages to customers. One of the chal... see more

Pags. 47 - 61  

Oswaldo Alfaro Bernedo, Doris Esenarro, Ciro Rodriguez, Maria René Alfaro

This research work proposes the design and application of an organizational model based on two very important and well-known precedents: On the one hand, the so-called Enterprise Architecture (EA), as a powerful methodology of business modeling based on Z... see more

Pags. 63 - 79