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Volume 8 Number 1 Year 2020

10 articles in this issue 

Intan Suri Mahardika Pertiwi

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of income levels, zakat literacy and trust in community interest in paying zakat at BAZNAS in Lampung province. This study uses a sampling technique with a sampling purvosipe method with a total of 100 ... see more

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Jonathan Giovanni,Mochammad Faisal Fadli

The study was conducted to examine public perceptions of the magnitude of the effect of economic improvement that occurred in the city of Pontianak on the opening of employment opportunities for the population of the workforce whether they were still in t... see more

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Irfan Saputra Iskandar,Saparso Saparso,Soegeng Wahyoedi

This study aims to determine how customer ratings of service quality, price perceptions, satisfaction and customer loyalty and evaluate the influence of service quality, and price perception variables, on customer loyalty influenced customer satisfaction.... see more

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Mira Ismirani Ahmar Fudsyi,Dedi Karmana,Dadad Zainal Musadad

This research is important because it aims to gathered information about the effect of price, quality and location on students’ buying interest at the Palasasi market in Bandung. Using quantitative method with infinite population, and using nonprobability... see more

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Haspul Naser,Budi Safari,Kunto Atmojo

The purpose of this study was to determine the partnership model between Trade Unions and Management in the face of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The total sample used was 100 employees in the field of vehicle assembly. The processed data produced there ... see more

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Helman Arif,Andreina Fara

This study aims to analyze what factors underlie consumer decisions to repurchase antiseptic products in Indonesia. Specifically, the analysis is carried out on variables perceived as risk, perceived price, brand image, brand awareness, subjective norms, ... see more

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Abdul Azim Wahbi,Syahrudi Syahrudi,Prasetio Ariwibowo

The purpose of this study is to determine how far the level of income affects the welfare of the family in the convection industry in Depok. This research was conducted using a survey method with the method of library (library research) and the field meth... see more

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Muhamad Rifa'i,Wisari Yati,Riski Aprilia Dwi Susanti

The purpose of this research is to know and analyze: the influence of commitment to consumer confidence, the influence of satisfaction on trust, the influence of commitments that affect consumer loyalty, the influence of consumer satisfaction on loyalty, ... see more

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Warter Agustim,Moch. Nurhidayat

This study aims to determine the right strategies to describe, analyze, and interpret the factors related to the empowerment of women's business groups so that they can improve the level of the family economy and become an independent and economically pro... see more

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Rizki Aprilia Dwi Susanti

This study aims to determine the management of working capital because it is very important for cooperatives in carrying out its operations to improve the profitability of cooperatives and can also maintain the level of cooperative liquidity. This type of... see more

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