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Volume 48 Number 4 Year 2030

17 articles in this issue 

Mário Ibraim Salimon, Marcus Vinicius Soares Siqueira

This article deals with the impact of managerialist restructuring processes upon the subjectivity of workers in environmentalist third sector organizations, historically connected to philanthropy and the struggle for human rights. The growth of this organ... see more

Pags. 643 - 657  

Ana Carolina Spolidoro Queiroz, Lindolfo Galvão de Albuquerque, Ana Maria Malik

This research analyses the relationship between organizational and human resources management variables with inovation. Its main objective was to analyze and compare the aspects of the organization and strategic management of human resources that have con... see more

Pags. 658 - 670  

Osmar Vieira de Souza Filho, Rogério Zanon da Silveira, Alexandre de Pádua Carrieri, Juliana Cristina Teixeira

The Local Productive Arrangement of Ubá and Region (APL of Ubá) generates about nine thousand jobs and has the seat of the largest steel furniture company of Latin America, besides three other large companies. However, this arrangement is marked by disput... see more

Pags. 671 - 687  

Rogério Passos dos Santos, Jader Cristino de Souza-Silva

In the last 25 years, management theories have been criticized, especially regarding its instrumental feature. As a possible response to this problem, in the 1990's, discussions on spirituality in organizations have intensified. However, despite the growi... see more

Pags. 688 - 701  

João Paulo Gardelin, Carlos Ricardo Rossetto, Miguel Angel Verdinelli

The current study aimed to investigate the relationship between strategic behavior and environmental uncertainty on the managers' perception. An taxonomy was used for the uncertainty construct, which explains 29 factors grouped in six clusters. The contri... see more

Pags. 702 - 715  

Maria Sylvia Macchione Saes, André Cavalcanti Rocha Martins, Paula Sarita Bigio Schnaider

The article discusses the behavioral aspects that affect the entrepreneurs' decision making under the Knightian uncertainty approach. Since the profit arising from entrepreneurial activity represents the reward of an immeasurable and subjective risk, it h... see more

Pags. 716 - 726  

Antonio Thiago Benedete da Silva, Renata Giovinazzo Spers, James Terence Coulter Wright, Priscila Rezende da Costa

There are growing pressures for more sustainable habits that should be adopted by society, impacting many markets, including the energy one. Fossil fuels are finite and non-renewable sources and are responsible for considerable emissions of CO2 in the atm... see more

Pags. 727 - 738  

Arialys Hernández Nariño, Dianelys Nogueira Rivera, Alberto Medina León, Maylin Marqués León

Business Process Management is one of the practices most used in health sector in the last decades, for it is an appropriate tool to reach higher levels of patient's satisfaction and a more effective and efficient care service. One of its most significant... see more

Pags. 739 - 756  

Igor Siqueira Cortez, Luis Claudio Kubota

Recently, a series of cyber attacks to firms and governments, in Brazil and abroad highlighted the potential economic impact of this kind of activity, from private and public perspectives. There is a vast economic literature - theoretical and empirical - ... see more

Pags. 757 - 769  

Fabiano Maury Raupp, José Antonio Gomes de Pinho

The goal of this paper is to investigate the capability of the websites Santa Catarina's local councils for building accountability. The research is descriptive, was carried out through a survey, having qualitative and quantitative approach. The object of... see more

Pags. 770 - 782  

Marcos Roberto Kühl, Marlete Beatriz Maçaneiro, João Carlos da Cunha, Sieglinde Kindl da Cunha

Considering the expansion of Brazilian higher education, currently focusing on distance education and the consequent pressure on teacher training, the objective of this study was to analyze the perception of distance education students on teacher skills. ... see more

Pags. 783 - 799  

Juliana Cristina Teixeira, Marco César Ribeiro Nascimento, Luiz Marcelo Antonialli

This paper presents the results of a quantitative, exploratory and descriptive research, which analyzed 4,544 papers published in five annals of EnANPAD (Encontro da Associação Nacional de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa em Administração), involving the concept ... see more

Pags. 800 - 812  

Diones Gomes da Rocha, Gileno Fernandes Marcelino, Cláudio Moreira Santana

With the existent mismatch among the period of budget elaboration, its execution, and the need for adjustments in the finance programming, there may be situations which were not foreseen during the elaboration of the budget proposal, although they must be... see more

Pags. 813 - 827  

Laura Calixto

This work aims to comparatively analyze the social and environmental information disseminated by Latin American companies in their reports. A content analysis was made of the social and environmental information disclosed by a sample of 226 organizations,... see more

Pags. 828 - 842  

Ana Beatriz Lopes de Sousa Jabbour, Adriano Alves Teixeira, Wesley Ricardo de Souza Freitas, Charbel José Chiappetta Jabbour

Arguments that lean manufacturing can positively relate with the operational performance of companies have been spreading the literature since the 1990s. However, there is a theoretical and empirical gap on this issue that needs further empirical evidence... see more

Pags. 843 - 856  

Wendel Alex Castro Silva, Mártis do Nascimento Silva, José Edson Lara, Sidney Lino de Oliveira

This study aimed to identify and analyze the variables that influence the loyalty process of Atlético Mineiro and Cruzeiro's fans in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in relation to the consumption of the official products of these teams. Structured on a theoretica... see more

Pags. 857 - 871