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Volume 6 Number 1 Year 2021

5 articles in this issue 

Nena Nurohmah

Smoking behavior in adolescents should be prevented. It is necessary to have supporting factors, which can lead a teenager to behave positively, namely not smoking. This research is motivated by the existence of adolescents who do not fall into promiscuit... see more

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siska nurdianty

One of the dimensions of social studies learning is the skill, which includes communication skills. This study focuses on verbal communication through written and oral messages. This study aims at testing and observing the effectiveness of the vlog media ... see more

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Dede Syaipul Maulana

Abstract. The waste problem that is happening at this time must be the concern of all parties. The Bandung City Government has the Kangpisman program which is a collaborative movement between the government and the community in waste management. The progr... see more

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Nimota Jibola Kadir Abdullahi

ABSTRACT             This study examined the relationship between equal opportunity to learning, provision of basic needs, teacher preparation of lesson and students’ development in Kwara State, ... see more

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Veronica Eka Desi Natalia,Anisa OS Pratama,Margareta Dewi Astuti

The implementation of Pancasila values in character education is very important and interesting to discuss. There are a number of articles related to the implementation of Pancasila values in character education but there is still little li... see more

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