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Volume 46 Number 1 Year 2075

11 articles in this issue 

Thomas Hochradner

Filling gaps between the “Great Composers” so called “Kleinmeister” cause various problems in writing about the history of music. On the one hand one-sided perspectives will be the result as long as the works of “Kleinmeister” are to be discussed with sta... see more

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Nina Zakharina

The picture of the investigation of notation in Russia depends directly on history of musical writing in our country. The works on neumatic notation opened the tradition of musicology in Russia in the XV c. In the very beginning of the XIX c. neumes were ... see more

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Katarina Tomaševic

The main aim of this article is to examine Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac’s role in the processes of inventing the artistic tradition of Serbian music of modern times. By following the route of the chosen analytical sample, the folk song “Cvekje cafnalo” fro... see more

Pags. 37 - 56  

Darja Koter

The article deals with the development of music stage direction of Slovenian theatre in the time of Dramatic Society and Regional Theatre, by 1914. The author tries to shed some light upon the individuals who significantly contributed to the development o... see more

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Tjaša Ribizel

The contribution draws attention to certain paralleles between Vinko Globokar creativeness and surrealism. These parallels are represent by the analysis of composition Zlom. Three creative sides are exposed and this are the tehnical side, poetical issues ... see more

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Jana S. Rošker

The present article draws attention to a new interpretation of Ji Kang's (223–262) theory of music, which is based upon his understanding of epistemological bases of perception. The analyses shows that his understanding has been founded upon the structura... see more

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Maruša Zupancic

In comparison with other European countries, violin pedagogy and its methodology in Slovenian Lands did not develop until the beginning of the nineteenth century. The greatest influences on the development of Slovenian violin pedagogy came from the violin... see more

Pags. 97 - 117  

Albinca Pesek

Disintegration of moral value system in modern society demands changes of educational system. Education takes an important part with its effort to establish integral education. In this way, an individual develops all his potentials: physical, emotional, c... see more

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