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Volume 6 Number 1 Year 2021

6 articles in this issue 

Pramod Rai

Finite element analysis (FEA) is widely adopted these days to investigate relatively heavy structures such as reinforced concrete (RC) deep beam, which requires a higher investment of resources. This research aims to investigate a numerical modeling techn... see more

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Kinga Korniejenko, Michal Lach, Maria Hebdowska-Krupa, Janusz Mikula

The main objective of this study is to develop the advanced composites for civil engineering applications as material for the building industry, especially for an insulation purpose. The research processes include several steps. Firstly, the prototype ele... see more

Pags. 11 - 20  

Ragaleela Dalapati Rao, Padmanabha Raju Chinda, Meduri Kiran

The performance of insulator strings in transmission lines can be improved by corona rings owing to their electric field grading property. The insulation performance of the string depends on the corona ring parameter settings. In this study, the design of... see more

Pags. 21 - 30  

Jonathan Salar Cabrera, Ariel Roy Luceño Reyes, Cindy Almosura Lasco

Security is the most serious concern in the digital environment. To provide a sound and firm security policy, a multi-holistic approach must be considered when making strategic decisions. Thus, the objective of this study was to evaluate the information s... see more

Pags. 31 - 38  

Tzu-Tsung Wong, Shih-Hsuan Hung

Topcoat paint is mainly composed of resin and pigment and hence its quality highly depends on the type and proportion of these two ingredients. This study aims at testing the formula of the topcoat paint for finding one that can achieve better quality for... see more

Pags. 39 - 46  

Hamed Yassin-Kassab, Marius-Corneliu Rosu

Wireless Sensors (WS) mobility and pause time have a major impact directly influencing the energy consumption. Lifetime of a WS Network (WSN) depends directly on the energy consumption, thus, the hardware and software components must be optimized for ener... see more

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