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Volume 10 Number 19 Year 2019

4 articles in this issue 

Naser Bayat,Ebrahim Rastegar,Luca Salvati,Hasan Darabi,Narges Ahmadi Fard,Majid Taji

Market segmentation is a pivotal and under-investigated issue when evaluating decision-making processes and motivational factors shaping rural tourism. The present study has examined market segments of rural tourists in Iran based on their socio-demograph... see more

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Adrian Lubowiecki-Vikuk,Diana Dryglas

The medical tourism has been changing the healthcare scene especially in the developing countries which offer a combination of low costs for medical services and experienced medical personnel. It gives them the potential to become a target of choice for m... see more

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Georgia Nikoli,?thina Lazakidou

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has changed the global businesses environment by a wide range of tools, methodologies and functions, facilitating the strategic management and supporting firms to achieve a long term competitive advantage. Th... see more

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Marcello Tanca

In 2010 the pianist and composer Andreas Kern organized Piano City, a metropolitan piano festival with original and innovative elements: the locations for the concerts are living rooms; the profile of the executors and interpreters include professional mu... see more

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