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Volume 6 Number 4 Year 2074

10 articles in this issue 

Ni Komang Putri Rahayu

The objective of the research is to reveal the Competence of Independent Commissioners in realizing Good Corporate Governance. The research method used is normative juridical research method with conceptual approach, legislation and case approach. The res... see more

Pags. 417 - 423  

Sepriyanto Thobias Tuka

Corruption is an extraordinary crime for causing losses to the state and violate the rights of social and economic communities. Mode used is also increasingly diverse and sophisticated. Corr... see more

Pags. 424 - 438  

Gde Aditya Waisnawa

Indonesia as a State of law is currently a crisis of legal products that put forward substantive justice for the litigants, it is understandable because some of the basic rules that contain material and formal criminal rules have been established long and... see more

Pags. 439 - 449  

Made Intan Permatasari

Flat is one of the most popular alternative of housing due to limited land availability. In the construction of flats, the developer will usually ask for a down payment to consumers who want to order the apartment of flat units. The problem occurs when a ... see more

Pags. 450 - 463  

Soniardhi Soniardhi

The development of military law as part of the national law for the security of order, justice and legal certainty within the military. The divestment development is implemented through the renewal of the law of military discipline stamped in Law Number 2... see more

Pags. 464 - 477  

I Nyoman Adi Susila

Arrangement sacred area coast There was a conflict norm in Peraturan Daerah Provinsi Bali Nomor 16 Tahun 2009 Tentang Rencana Tata Ruang Wilayah Provinsi Bali Tahun 2009-2029 Pasal 108 ayat (1) orientation zoning regulation of sacred area encompassing a) ... see more

Pags. 478 - 488  

Duwi Aprianti

Withdrawal Royalties are the utilization of the economic rights of a work related to the receipt by the creator or the copyright holder. Copyright is a creation created by the creator in a tangible form by not reducing restrictions in accordance with the ... see more

Pags. 489 - 496  

Michael Anthony WIrasasmita

Indonesia sebagai negara anggota WTO memiliki kewajiban untuk mematuhi semua prinsip WTO termasuk dalam bentuk less trade restrictive way. Dalam pengendalian terhadap penjualan minuman beralkohol yang diatur oleh Permendag No 6 Tahun 2015 terdapat pelaran... see more

Pags. 497 - 507  

Anak Agung Mirah Satria Dewi

Protection of copyright law against cover version of song on youtube. Copyright protection only extends to the “expression” of the creator, and not to the “idea” or information derived from a work. This is what happens in cover songs, others have the free... see more

Pags. 508 - 520  

Ni Komang Ayu Nira Relies Rianti

Shortweighting is one of the selling practices of goods that harm consumers. Where the actual weight of the item is less than the weight indicated on the goods packaging label. Clearly, consumers are severely disadvantaged as a result of changes in the go... see more

Pags. 521 - 537