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Number Tværfagligt symposium på Aarhus Universitet 26. ja Year 2073

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Birgit Eggert

Regionality in Danish place names with focus on torp-, rød-, tved- and holt-names By Birgit EggertIn the author’s opinion there is a connection between the four place-name types in -torp, -rød, -tved and -holt, when we are talking about distribution, age ... see more

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Jens Christian Moesgaard

The introduction of a regulated coin economy in a geographical perspective, c. 600-ca. 1150 By Jens Christian MoesgaardIn Viking-Age Denmark, coins were predominantly used by weight along with ingots and other silver artefacts. They were bent and pecked i... see more

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Johnny G.G. Grandjean

Physical geography and historical regionality By Johnny Grandjean Gøgsig JakobsenPhysical geography is the natural starting-point for studies within the conglomerate discipline of historical geography. Even though the hardcore naturaldeterministic ideas o... see more

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Jørgen Steen Jensen

Regional differences in coinage and monetary circulation in Denmark c. 1050-c. 1500 By Jørgen Steen JensenA system of regular mints was introduced into Denmark during the reign of Cnut (c. 1018-35). It is evident that the coins from Jutland were struck to... see more

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Peder Dam

Historical geography and regionalisations. Prospects and problems By Peter DamHistorical geography is an interdisciplinary discipline which attempts to combine the methodology of the two mother-disciplines history and geography as well as having its own m... see more

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Bertil Helgesson

Can regionality be pointed out through archaeological material? Some methodical and source critical aspects. By Bertil HelgessonThe spread of archaeological and historical source material has been an important factor when discussing regional variations du... see more

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Søren M. Sindbæk

Cultural difference, social networks and regionality in Viking-period archaeology By Søren M. SindbækThis study surveys the wealth and diversity of archaeological material which has come to light in recent decades in Denmark and neighbouring lands. It sho... see more

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Jette Linaa

Region, network and material culture By Jette LinaaPlotting phenomena onto maps is a basic archaeological craft. Numerous works by distinguished scholars have given us hundreds of maps where areas with similar phenomena such as brooches, grave equipment, ... see more

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Peder Gammeltoft, Jakob Povl Holck

Regionality and language contact during the Viking Age and the Middle Ages By Peder Gammeltoft and Jakob Povl HolckThis article is a comparative analysis of two important influences on Southern Scandinavia during the Viking Age and the early Middle Ages, ... see more

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