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Volume 12 Number 03 Year 2038

9 articles in this issue 

I Ketut Sudiana, I Gede Suwiwa

This study aimed at analyzing the effect of Jigsaw Cooperative Learning Model aided with interactive multimedia upon learning outcome of on-guard position on the theory and practice of Pencak Silat course. This is a pre-experimental study using one group ... see more

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Hidayat Humaid , Tirto Apriyanto, Ghazi Satriando Humaid Junior

The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between reaction speed, concentration, and precision landing performance of DKI Jakarta gliding athletes. This study uses the quantitative method by survey technique method. Samples are 13 athlete... see more

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Agus Riyadi, Samsudin, Iman Sulaiman

This study aims to determine the effect of traditional Gobak Sodor and Bentengan game training on improving the physical fitness of grade V and VI-grade students of Sukagumiwang III Elementary School. The research method used in this research is an experi... see more

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Mohammd Fathan Mubina, Moch. Asmawi, Heny Widyaningsih

The objectives of this study were 1) To improve the hurdle jumping training on the long jump results of the squat style in the male participants of the DKI Jakarta club. 2) Increasing the plyometric training up and downstairs to the results of the squat-s... see more

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Kecuk Tri Prasetya, Junaidi, Iman Sulaiman

This study aims to determine the effect of drug knowledge and attitudes towards the dangers of drugs in elementary school students. This study used a descriptive research design using a cross-sectional approach. The research samples were students Depok Ju... see more

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Anik Maryani, Fahmy Fachrezzy, Ramdan Pelana

This study aims to determine the effectiveness of the effect of aerobic mix impact and SKJ 2000 version (core exercise) to improve physical fitness in female students. The research was conducted at SMEA YASMA Sudirman Cijantung for 8 weeks with 24 meeting... see more

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Ades Fathu Fiyadinallah, Yusmawati, Wahyuningtyas Puspitorini

This research is motivated by the existence of various forms of soccer dribbling skill errors, namely first touch, coordination, and ball feeling as well as characteristic causes based on observations made by researchers, the facts in the field state that... see more

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Muhamad Anggie Haryesa, Fatah Nurdin, Iman Sulaiman

This study aims to determine the effect of VO2max and agility on basic futsal technical skills. This study is a regression correlation study on how much influence the VO2max variable and the agility variable have on dribbling skills. The study population ... see more

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Barkah Sekar Kalih, Eka Anjar Rahmadani

This study aimed to obtain information about the differences in the increase in lactic acid from the 800 meter and 400-meter running results. Lactic acid is the result of the rest of the energy-burning metabolism of anaerobic lactated. This condition occu... see more

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