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Volume 4 Number 1 Year 2020

13 articles in this issue 

Muhammad Zulkarnain

The study was conducted with the aim of examining the effect of total assets and income on net income of banking companies included in the LQ 45 index. Data used secondary data from 2013-2018 from 6 banking companies included in the LQ 45 index. Data anal... see more

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Norromadani Yuniati

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisa bagaimana penerapan strategi restrukturisasi asset pada perusahaan infrastruktur, jasa, dan utilitas sub sektor transportasi laut yang terdaftar di Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) yang sedang mengalami financial distr... see more

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Andi Erna Mulyana, Atika Petiwi N.I

This study aims to determine the impact of promotion, store atmosphere and hedonic shopping motivation on impulse buying on customers of a famous Department Store in Batam. The data was obtained from distributing questionnaires to 100 respondents whose ar... see more

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Shinta Wahyu Hati

This study was conducted to determine whether there are factors that affect employee turnover Intenton at PT ABC Batam. The data analysis method used in this study is to use the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) method using the SmartPLS application. The... see more

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Laksmi Nitya Pradipta, Elizabeth Lucky Maretha Sitinjak, Y. Wisnu Djati Sasmito

In this study will show the decision of investors at each stage of the life cycle has consideration of different financial ratios. The purpose of the study is to determine the effect of the company's financial performance on investor decision making at th... see more

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Firda Nosita

The study aims to determine the effect of E-ServQual and promotions on marketplace customer loyalty. Both factors can be a consideration of customer’s decision to make a purchase in marketplace. Previous shopping experience is the basis for repurchase dec... see more

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Budi Prasetiyo, Pristiyono Pristiyono, Muhammad Yasin

Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk melihat dampak penerapan SISDM pada kinerja karyawan di Krisna Beach Hotel 1 Pangandaran. Penelitian ini dilakukan di Krisna Beach Hotel 1 Pangandaran, untuk mendapatkan jawaban tentang kecenderungan menurunnya kine... see more

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Bagas Johantri

This study aims to determine the break event point (BEP) of Computer Assisted Test (CAT) activities in order that the revenue from the CAT is not less than the cost of the implementation. CAT has been proven to increase transparency in employee recruitmen... see more

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Emil Salim, Winda Afriyenis

This research aims to formulate a strategy in an effort to increase and develop interest in tourist visits to the Twin Lake tourist attraction in West Sumatra. The uniqueness and renewal in this research is located in the object of study combined with usi... see more

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Maryadi Maryadi

Since the end of 2015 the government has established a policy for the conversion of Revenue Sharing Funds (DBH) and / or General Allocation Funds (DAU) in the form of non-cash as an effort to: a) Encourage the management of healthy, efficient and effectiv... see more

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Nurul Atika, Morgan kindler, Zainal Abidin Tarigan, Yulinda Tarigan

This study aims to examine the effect of customer satisfaction on online purchase intention on the website Lazada. This study used 200 respondents taken from students of Business Management at the Politeknik Negeri Batam and Universitas Internasional Bata... see more

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Sri Zuliarni, Prima Sue Nurlia, Ayu Puspitasari

This study examines the effect of Celebrity Endorser on the purchase decision of Batam Olehlo. Respondents from this study were consumers who have purchased the product of Batam Olehlo. The population in this study is Batam community with a sample of 100 ... see more

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Vita Arumsari, Rikawati Rikawati

The low level of financial inclusion for the poor becomes a time bomb amid Islamic finance growth as an alternative and way of life, particularly for those who believe in the application of Islamic tenets in finance. Further, the evolving of fully-fledged... see more

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