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Volume 4 Number 1 Year 2021

10 articles in this issue 

Annisa Nawawi, Andi Reni, Andi Bau Massepe

This study aims to determine the effect of product quality on customer satisfaction, service quality on customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction on customer loyalty, product quality on customer loyalty, service quality on customer loyalty, product qua... see more

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Andris Soma Usyor, Abdul Rahman Kadir, Nuraeni Kadir

This research aims to examine the right strategy development of Makassar New Port through the SWOT approach, Boston Consulting Group and General Electric. This research uses a quantitative and qualitative approach, the sample used is 30 directors and all ... see more

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Abdul Rahman Azis, Muhammad Asdar, Abdul Razak Munir

This study aims to explain the effect of trust and price on purchasing decisions through brand image as an intervening variable (a chase study of Shopee users in Makassar). The research sample of 100 Shopee users. The analytical method used is path analys... see more

Pags. 22 - 39  

Firmasyah Firmasyah, Abdul Rahman Laba, Mursalim Nohong

The research aims to identify internal and external factors as well as strategies to increase the competitiveness of the tourism sector in the tourism sector in Parepare City. The research was conducted in the City of Parepare. The number of samples is 30... see more

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Catharina Theo, Idayanti Nursyamsi, Musran Munizu

The ability of human resources is a significant determinant of organizational performance and competitive advantage, HR is a determining factor for organizational success obtained from employee performance. This study aims to determine and analyze the eff... see more

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Magfira Amalia, Haris Maupa, Dian Parawansa

This study aims to determine the effect of Social Media Marketing on Brand Equity, the effect of Electronic Word of Mouth on Brand Equity, the influence of Brand Equity on Purchasing Decisions, the influence of Social Media Marketing and Brand, and the El... see more

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Sri Dewi Puspitasari, Muhammad Asdar, Musran Munizu

Indonesia has made various efforts to optimize all types of revenue as a source of state revenue that is used to finance all public interests, one of which is needed and most important is the active participation of its citizens to contribute to the count... see more

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Lufthansa Ardian, Abdul Rahman Kadir, Abdullah Sanusi

This study aims to identify the business position of PT MHE Demag Indonesia in the Makassar Branch. This research is designed to direct the strategic decisions of the new branch in Makassar. The managerial strategy decisions in this study are in the scope... see more

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Nur Fitriani, Syamsu Alam, Muhammad Sobarsyah

This research aims to analyze mergers in global automotive industries to find out the causes of merger failure in the global automotive industry. This research used a case study at Daimler-Chrysler automotive company. The decision to committed a merger st... see more

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Eben Haezer B. Patandean, Sumardi Lasise, Wardhani Hakim

This research is a study that is in the direction of knowing the influence of the industrial revolution era 4.0 on human resources competence and performance. The sample in this study is all permanent employees of PT Sermani Steel company i... see more

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