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Volume 9 Number 1 Year 2021

10 articles in this issue 

Besime Fekri ZIBERI,Florije MIFTARI,Leonita OMAJ

Economic growth and public investments are considered the most challenging problems faced by most countries around the world, including Kosovo. Various assumptions have been made that better and higher-quality transport is essential for the country's econ... see more

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Peter Uchenna OKOYE,Chukwuemeka NGWU,Christian Ifeanyi OHAEDEGHASI

The increasing rate of poverty and unemployment in Nigeria has necessitated further efforts towards alternative means of reducing the trend, outside the government’s microeconomic mechanisms. As a sector with multiplier effects on other sectors of economy... see more

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This paper highlights the importance of scientific publications produced by Mexican researchers in journals that are listed in Scopus and Web of Sciences (WoS). This research found that 98% of these publications were written by members of the National Sys... see more

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Alovsat Garaja ALIYEV

The article substantiates the necessity to develop a system of indicators for assessing the level of development of the information and knowledge economy. Main methodological approaches regarding their development and analysis have been analyzed. Some rec... see more

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Never before the need to function efficiently in multicultural contexts has been more apparent than today as, in our global and interconnected world, cultural intelligence (CQ) has become the central pillar of efficient leadership. Therefore, the objectiv... see more

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Andra Nicoleta ILIESCU

The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the academic advances in the knowledge management field, by increasing the understanding of the knowmad workforce. Knowledge economy represents the context in which organizations and individuals strive to lear... see more

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Society demands more sustainable business. Increasing organizational spirituality can be one manner of accomplishing this humanized strategy, and knowledge management is an efficient method to diffuse high-level values through the company. Spirituality ha... see more

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Alexandra HOROBET,Georgiana VRINCEANU,Consuela POPESCU,Lucian BELASCU

Our paper investigates the gaps in performance in the manufacturing sector between Western and Eastern European countries and attempts to analyze how enterprises from these two parts of Europe have tackled recovery after the Global financial crisis of 200... see more

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Bydon Austin NYIMBIRI

This paper details the impact of mobile money financial technology on financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa. The research methodology used was descriptive research design with the use of secondary information sources to collect panel data. The researc... see more

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