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Volume 10 Number 2 Year 2020

26 articles in this issue 

Abdullah Alhadiah

Since vocabulary learning plays a crucial role in the journey of language learning, various programs and mobile applications have been developed to assist vocabulary learning. However, the effectiveness of MALL-based (mobile-assisted language learning) to... see more

Pags. 283 - 291  

Adi Budiwiyanto,Totok Suhardijanto

Recent studies show that lexical bundles in English are pervasively found in academic discourse. In addition, the characteristics of lexical bundles found vary and differ across registers and genres. Nevertheless, it is still interesting to carry out in l... see more

Pags. 292 - 303  

Anis Firdatul Rochma,Anita Triastuti,A. Ashadi

Research articles have been considered as the primary media of knowledge production. Nevertheless, for some undergraduate students, writing a research article can be a challenging task since they need to be aware of its rhetorical styles. Even though prev... see more

Pags. 304 - 314  

Assim S. Alrajhi

Idiomatic expressions are essential components of EFL learners’ linguistic repertoire. Nevertheless, learning such inherently perplexing language constructs poses a challenge to learners. Therefore, the present study was motivated by examining a modern to... see more

Pags. 315 - 326  

Dalan M. Perangin-Angin,Novita Dewi

Pagu is an endangered  Non-Austronesian  language spoken  in North Halmahera, Indonesia. This research is an endeavor to save the language specifically through documenting and studying its proverbs in order to reveal the linguistic patterns... see more

Pags. 327 - 339  

Dante Darmawangsa,Vidi Sukmayadi,Azizul Halim Yahya

Learning a foreign language and being first-year students at the same time can be challenging as they struggle to make the transition in learning a new language and adjusting to their new lives as a university student. Students have to deal with not only ... see more

Pags. 340 - 348  

Dona Kumala Shinta,F. Filia

The ability to produce argumentation is crucial for university students’ academic achievement and upcoming careers. Developing and organizing ideas to create an argument, requires students’ thinking skills. Attempts to improve students’ written arguments ... see more

Pags. 349 - 358  

Evynurul Laily Zen

This paper seeks to contribute to the nature of cross-linguistic transfer in the production of English Voice Onset Time (VOT) by adult multilingual speakers in Indonesia in view of how different regional home languages and speech settings shape the phonet... see more

Pags. 359 - 368  

Fatemeh Poorebrahim,Mohammad Afsharrad,Behzad Ghonsooly

Studies on third language (L3) acquisition have shown that biliteracy has a facilitative effect on L3 writing. By comparing performances of bilinguals and monolinguals in subsequent language (English) writing, this study attempts to find whether being bil... see more

Pags. 369 - 381  

Halim Nataprawira,Michael Carey

This study was motivated by the situation that many students studying Indonesian language have problems to understand and communicate in spoken Indonesian. This is because Indonesian is a diglossic language in which different sets of grammar and vocabular... see more

Pags. 382 - 396  

Jarjani Usman,Yunisrina Qismullah Yusuf

This study investigated dehumanizing metaphors used in the daily life and collective memory of Acehnese people in Indonesia and how male and female persons are presented. The interviews were held with 20 people from six districts in Aceh province, Indones... see more

Pags. 397 - 405  

Lungguh Ariang Bangga

This paper considers the exploration of genre and register of historical texts recontextualised in online media and school textbooks through the lens of Systemic Functional Linguistics especially by exploring their discourse semantics and register feature... see more

Pags. 406 - 419  

Margaretha Sulistyowardani,Joseph Ernest Mambu,Athriyana Santye Pattiwael

The implementation of critical pedagogy has not been well addressed, especially that viewed from the teacher cognition perspective. This project hence aims to study the cognitions and practices related to critical pedagogy by investigating the integration... see more

Pags. 420 - 433  

Mohd Hilmi Hamzah,Ahmed Elsayed Samir Madbouly,Hasliza Abdul Halim,Abdul Halim Abdullah

The English voiceless stop /p/ and voiced stop /g/ are absent in the consonant inventory of Arabic. This difference provides a fertile ground for empirical research in L2 speech learning among Arab L2 speakers of English. The current study, therefore, aim... see more

Pags. 434 - 444  

Muhammad Waleed Shehzad,Rida Ahmed,Shazma Razzaq,Amer Akhtar,Md. Kamrul Hasan

Boredom is a well-researched concept in various contexts; nonetheless, there is scarceness of research related to the relationship of boredom with reading comprehension performance in EFL context. Therefore, this study intends to determine the connection ... see more

Pags. 445 - 459  

Nurmala Elmin Simbolon,Yusnita Febrianti

The use of YouTube resources as learning materials becomes increased in English language teaching (ELT), especially when implementing the content-based instruction (CBI) approach. In addition to its importance during the recent global restriction caused b... see more

Pags. 460 - 470  

Osei Yaw Akoto

It has been established that there are inter-chapter variations regarding metadiscourse use in masters’ thesis. This paper, therefore, investigates the differences and similarities in metadiscourse use between the Introduction and Literature Review (LR) c... see more

Pags. 471 - 480  

S. Suhandoko,Dian Riesti Ningrum

The study reported in this paper aims to create a list of academic English derivational suffixes to help EFL teachers decide which derivational suffixes to be taught first and help their learners, especially those of higher education, expand their vocabul... see more

Pags. 481 - 490  

Suwarsih Madya,Heri Retnawati,Ari Purnawan,Nur Hidayanto Pancoro Setyo Putro,K. Kartianom

The Indonesian Testing Service Centre (ITSC) has developed an online standardized test called TOEP (Test of English Proficiency) as a fresh alternative for measuring the test takers’ listening and reading proficiency. To ensure its quality, the TOEP score... see more

Pags. 491 - 501  

Veronico N. Tarrayo

While there has been a sustained interest in conducting stylistic studies on fiction, specifically novels and short stories, the literature about stylistic analysis of flash fiction as a literary genre remains scant. Thus, the present study attempts to co... see more

Pags. 502 - 512  

Vismaia Sabariah Damaianti,Yunus Abidin,Rosita Rahma

Learning theories have seen the development of students’ higher order thinking skills a quintessential educational goal for all students, as the absence of such skills in learning leads to students’ difficulty in answering questions that are analytical, c... see more

Pags. 513 - 525  

Wawan Gunawan,Yanty Wirza,Nici Azhari Holik

Being cohesive in writing for the hearing-impaired students is very crucial, serving as an alternative means of expressing ideas without using sign language in communicating with people in general. This study aims to analyze the textual structure of the h... see more

Pags. 526 - 537  

Yean Fun Chow,Haslina Haroon,Hasuria Che Omar

One of the most recognisable aspects of Japanese pop culture which has invaded Malaysia is the Japanese comic or manga. It appears in translation in both Malay and English in Malaysia. Taking into account its foreign origin and the fact that translated ma... see more

Pags. 538 - 550  

Yin Ling Cheung,Hari Jang

The growing emphasis on emerging technologies in education has required in-service teachers to develop more technological knowledge. However, little is known about the application of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) on subject matter kn... see more

Pags. 551 - 561  

Yulong Li,Lixun Wang

The last two decades have witnessed a prolific increase in academic activity in the study of English for Academic Purposes (EAP). Many teachers who were trained for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) have been required to teach EAP. T... see more

Pags. 562 - 570  

Martina Jarkovská,Lenka Kucírková

Reporting belongs among key features of academic writing, and reporting verbs (RVs) are probably the most explicit way of attributing the content to other sources.  For EFL learners, the correct use of RVs is often challenging. While most EFL studies... see more

Pags. 571 - 579